Gas prices, winter break, insurance: what changes on June 1

End of the winter break. The winter break, which bans rental evictions and power outages in the event of unpaid rent, ends this Wednesday 1er June. While it traditionally ends on March 31, the winter break had been extended by two months due to the health crisis.

Gas prices. La hausse des prix du gaz on the world market causes an increase in regulated tariff applications applications through Engie ce 1er June. This represents an increase of 1.2% for customers who use gas for cooking, 2.6% for households that have dual use, cooking and hot water, and 4.6% for those who use gas heating. .

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Family booklet. A new model of the family booklet, set by an order of May 3, 2022, is born this Wednesday 1er June. It will now take into account a number of provisions voted on in the Assembly in recent months. This includes medically assisted procreation, adoption reform (now open to unmarried couples), the new name change rule (facilitated procedure), the naming of children born without life, and the death certificate of adult children (not included in the family booklet).

Restaurant titles. The doubling of the daily limit on restaurant vouchers when they are used in gold restaurants for certain groceries will end on June 30. From June 2020 until the end of the first confinement, the government ensured the conditions for the use of these restaurant vouchers distributed by their salaried companies. Their ceiling was doubled to 38 euros and could be used over the weekend. From the end of June, this ceiling will drop to 19 euros.

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Management fees. Banking and insurance professionals have agreed to publish in a standardized table all their expenses regarding retirement savings plans (PER), which have been considered excessive so far. This unique picture, “simple, clear and readable for all consumers”, enters into force 1er June 2022.

Insurance. Termination at any time, conditional deletion of the health questionnaire, delay in the right to be forgotten reduces: the reform of the borrower’s insurance for real estate loans comes into force partially this Wednesday 1er June. This measure aims to introduce more competition in the banking sector, in a strong position in this field (88% of the market share), and that of insurance in order to lower costs for the consumer. It opens the possibility of changing the borrower’s insurance free of charge at any time, and no longer only on the anniversary date. This provision shall enter into force on 1er June for new contracts et à compter du 1er September for others.

Animals. The elimination of male chicks at birth in the laying hen industry is now banned by the government, which leaves French hatcheries until the end of 2022 to change their practices. This measure, claimed, among other things, by animal welfare associations, has been awaited for several years in France, the premier producer of eggs in Europe. According to the decree, which provides for a fine for offenders, the offenders will have to, from this Wednesday 1er June, to prove during the year that they have properly ordered ovosexing machines and have begun work to install them.

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