Gastronogeek: Cooking in Ghibli – Chef Thibaud Villanova draws inspiration from the work of the legendary Japanese studio for his next book

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Find the magic and dreaminess of Sudio Ghibli movies on our plates is the bold bet of Thibaud Villanova. In fact, his new cookbook is entitled The kitchen in Ghibli and aims to trace the greatest works of the studio created by Hayo Miyazaki and Isao Takahata in 1985 through 35 recipes all more appetizing than each other. What is the purpose of this new book published by Gastronogeek which will be released on June 1? Create indestructible bonds with your friends or family by sharing good little dishes.

After treating us to his book entitled Petite Murders, Thibaud Villanova we intend to recreate the emblematic works of the studio Ghibli. As a reminder, in addition to being a renowned chef, Thibaud Villanova is an expert in pop culture. Since 2014, he has been offering recipes inspired by the greatest references in cinema, television series, manga, fantasy literature and video games. These are already more than 16 cookbooks published by Gastronogeek which sold more than 500,000 copies in France. You can also follow the youtube chef through this link.

The bold bet of The Kitchen in Ghibli

« Through the themes they address: childhood, hope for future generations, the connection to nature, love, family, the importance of memory; film them Ghibli they can only touch and move us. ». It took more than 10 years of work and experience for this new work to be born.
Do they have a menu? « Pumpkin pie and chocolate cake Kiki the little witch; hambagu de Pompoko; Satsuki’s benthos in Mon Voisin Totoro; the extra creamy spread of Arrietty; the cursed banquet and the nikuman du Chihiro’s journey; the shabu-shabu of the family Yamada; ramen them from Ponyo; Tuscan salmon from Red Pig. »
Before leaving the password to the Chef, he must point out that you think they are Gastronogeek is to popularize cooking and make recipes, techniques and ingredients accessible to all. At Geeknplay, we can’t wait to get on the stove.

„Each of the films in Studio Ghibli shows great respect for the other. A deep root in the soil that binds us to each other, and also connects us to ourselves. ”
Thibaud Villanova

See you on June 1st to discover the cuisine of the most pop of chefs. In the meantime, do you like to cook? Does this next book make you salivate? Please also comment in the comments below or on social media: Facebook, TwitterInstagram et Discord.

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