Gastronomy and cinema!

From time immemorial in cinema, gourmet scenes feed the dialogues, nothing like an exchange behind a work plan, to play either seduction or the confidences of a good girlfriend who takes stock of her funny life. Other screenwriters are taking to the professional field to the point of titling their film “Le Grand restaurant”, “La grande bouffe” or “Les saveurs du Palais”. Feeding is living, and life is like cinema, nothing like that to return to this subject with Mathieu Durand, the latest addition to the team of culinary influencers.

As one famous French writer put it, “Culture is like chocolate!” »
Pour Mat, specialist in communication, culture (just like cooking) is a delicacy, which is enjoyed with pleasure… and shared between friends! What do you like best? You will find must-see places, exceptional encounters, literary, musical or even cinematic outings that will combine delicacy and cultural activities! A real invitation to feed intellectually (while having fun!). You can find it on Instagram in the name of matmat!

Mathieu Durand author of Matmat on Instagram

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