Gendarmes are often attacked by a dog forced to fire

Gendarmes were called by a woman who picked up two stray dogs but the intervention degenerated.

It all starts this Friday in the early afternoon in Bohain-en-Vermandois, in the Aisne. A resident recovered a Malinois and an American staff belonging to her neighbor. She is absent and does not want the dogs to go to the pound.

As reported by L’Aisne Nouvelle, the hours go by but the lady finds herself overwhelmed by the animals. At around 10.30 pm, she decided to call the gendarmes. When law enforcement arrives, things will get worse.

The Malinois will manage to escape from the house and will bite a first gendarme. An electric pistol is used on the animal but it resists the discharge and will bite a second soldier.

Law enforcement has no choice but to fire on the animal twice. Wounded, the Malinois was euthanized overnight. To carry out the injection, the gendarmes contacted the owner and had to pick her up, as she was not transported.

The two wounded gendarmes escaped with hand injuries. As explained by the regional daily, a complaint has been filed against the owner.

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