Ghislaine Urraca inaugurates her new premises!

Ghislaine Urraca, a wisdom broker in Verniolle, Ariège, opened her agency’s new premises in early May.


The new alternative in the field of insurance

Specializing in yard and insurance for individuals and professionals, the SAGESSE network offers you complete support in your yard business.

Inauguration of the new Verniolle Brokerage Insurance premises

As part of the development of its business, Ghislaine URRACA vient d’installer sa company for the new premises in Verniolle, located 6 Place de l’Hôtel de Ville.

Last May 9th Ghislaine’s agency was inaugurated. It was a warm event, placed under the sign of conviviality. Nearly 70 people were present, not many customers, friends and colleagues, to participate in this beautiful success and congratulations Ghislaine.

A success, which promises to initiate a new phase of the cabinet’s work, rich in development prospects.

A career dedicated to insurance

Ghislaine Urraca works as a insurance broker in Pamiers and its region for almost 10 years.

With a master’s degree in security and prevention in the business world, Ghislaine began her professional career by providing training in prevention in the banking sector. After a few years of practice, she joined the training service of a large banking group and became a consultant in agencies, where she forged her first experience in the distribution of insurance products.

A new professional opportunity is offered for her through suites, which allows the integration of the insurance company.

After 15 years at the Company, Ghislaine has taken a new professional turn in creating an insurance brokerage structure.

His encounter with WISDOM

Ghislaine discovered the SAGESSE network in 2014, during her meeting with its president and founder Jean-Louis BIBAL. Very in tune with the spirit and values ​​conveyed within the network, it quickly adheres to the concept and becomes an affiliate of SAGESSE Assurances.

Elle started working in the beginning of a period of initiation within the agency SAGESSE Assurances d’Albi. Once her weapons are done, she starts working in the Pamiers region.

A court activity exercised around the force

In the yard the activity is carried out around, which are chère: modesty, simplicity and friendliness. Elle place l’humain au premier plan in the way of work.

« My role as a broker was to simplify the life and business of my clients both in the audit of their on-the-go insurance solutions and in their search for new solutions. I am at their disposal both to assist them in signing their contracts and to provide them with information and explain their guarantees.

I decided to focus my professional activity around the brokerage business so that I could bring the best insurance to my clients as a whole. Being independent, while enjoying access to the products of the largest insurance companies on the market, allows me to exercise freely, without being dependent on the policy of one and the same company and thus, ultimately, to contribute to my customers of solutions that actually match their needs Ghislaine explains.

She works mainly in Pamiers and in the region, also accompanying and customers located throughout France.

Its business is for one clientele of professionals and individuals. Particularly experienced in personal insurance (pension, supplementary health…) and in insurance of professionals and companies (professional RC, Ten-year RC, multi-risk professional…), she accompanies today more than 400 customers that it fully equips.

Whatever the profile of the client to accompany, Ghislaine puts everything in place to find appropriate solutions to the needs. A true insurance analyst, she is well versed in the industry and knows how adapt its research according to the profile of its customers.

It develops its business almost exclusively through word of mouth and the recommendations of customers who, for many years, have gone through its services and entrusted it with the entirety of their insurance contracts. She maintains a real relationship with her clients close relationship.

Learn more about the development of the Wisdom Network.

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