Golden Retriever Demonstrates Impressive Self-Control in Front of 2 Meat Plates (video)

Le Golden Retriever is a very intelligent dog. It is not uncommon to discover on the web their exploits in various fields. Young Ellie is no exception. She proves to what extent she is able to control her greedy urges on a video that delighted internet users.

Kevin Bubolz is the happy owner ofEllie, a pretty Golden Retriever. The two have a very fused relationship. Kevin I regularly learn new rounds from a smart person and post the worst videos on TikTok accounts dedicated to boule poils.

Her playful and friendly frimousse melted the hearts of the community. Sequences ofEllie Walking on the beach, cuddling his master, or even watching a baseball game each garner millions of views.

However, the record-breaking one is that ofEllie resisting for long seconds the temptation of a good beef steak and a smoked chicken fillet. The test of restraint before a good meal is probably the most difficult to pass for greedy dogs.

We can see Kevin arrange the 2 plates just under his bitch’s truffle, make her taste the food and then order her to wait. He then leaves the room for almost 10 seconds (endless).


Can Ellie withstand the steak and chicken?!? #goldenretrieverlife #dog #leaveitchallenge ib @tuckerbudzyn

? original sound – Golden Retriever Life

Ellie shows incredible self-control. Her pretty face that eagerly scans the pieces of meat is chewy. The bitch doesn’t even let a trickle of drool flow and wisely waits for her master’s approval.

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In the end Kevin returns triumphant and rewards as he deserves his dear Ellie. The Golden is offered a choice of red meat or white meat. She hesitantly opts for juicy steak, but is also happy to be tempted by chicken.

The video was viewed more than 21 million times on the platform. Today, Ellie et Kevin continue to delight internet users with their ever more fun and tender adventures.

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