Goodvest raises two million euros for its minor life insurance

Fintech française is approaching a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube with a ceiling of one million euros.

Goodvest, a Parisian fintech specializing in savings solutions, announced that on June 8 it had two million euros in seeds from Super Capital VC, together with business angels Benjamin Gaignault from Ornikar, Julien Callede from or from Dimitri Farber from Tiller. A round table conclusuzioneaza between February and April 2022 and which bridges with a crowdfunding campaign whose pre-registration also opens this June 8 on the Crowdcube platform.

For now, the company intends to focus on recruitment and has already spent a third of its time to attract five new profiles on the head posts of growth, sales and development.

The main goal of the survey is the launch in the summer of 2022 of the Goodvest Kids offer, a life insurance for minors of at least twelve years whose pre-registration campaign was launched last March. 300 applications have been registered to date. The contract meets the same requirements as a conventional subscription, except that it requires the signature of both parents. Often the questionnaires available on the site allow the proposal of investment topics in accordance with the values ​​of the child … or of the parents.

Green washing step

To avoid falling into the green wash, Goodvest has partnered with data provider Carbone 4 Finance, a subsidiary of French consulting firm Carbone 4. A partnership that allows the company to analyze the footprint of potential investment funds. on their direct rather than indirect broadcasts. Goodvest offers life insurance portfolios with assistant profits ranging from 3.72% to 10.75% for the most adventurous investments.

“We have not set a target for crowdfunding, we will advise based on the number of pre-registrations,” said Joseph Choueifaty, CEO and co-founder of Goodvest. This collaborative approach is subject to an entry ticket of ten euros. With the idea of ​​avoiding the risk of capital dilution, the CEO told JDN that this increase would not exceed one million euros. Concretely, potential investors will become shareholders of Goodvest under the same conditions as those who returned to the seed. This form of collaborative participation has recently seen some bad publicités (levée de Bricks), transparency appears as an absolute priority depending on the co-founder. Invest in this crowdfunding phase so that the right to the parts of the company is claimed, either on the Crowdcube platform depending on the demand, or for the occasion of lifting or for the future.

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