Gourmet tours for Bac Pro cooking students in Saint-Pol-de-Léon – Saint-Pol-de-Léon

The territory offers many opportunities in terms of gastronomy, including products from the sea, such as fish, shellfish, seafood, seaweed not to mention the vegetable land and its raw vegetables, as well as chocolate or other Breton pancakes, a first gourmet visit was initiated, on Friday 17 May, by Laëtitia Fily from the Baie de Morlaix tourist office.

For vocational education

“I have provided targeted responses to a demanding request from Bac pro cuisine teachers at the Bossuet Hotel High School in Lannion, offering a concrete experience for students, thanks to which they can be more actors than just visitors during a full day, all guided by a professional guide positioned on the economy of the territory, ”explains Laëtitia Fily.

“We have set up workshops that are not offered to the general public, well suited to bac pro cuisine students, some of whom are apprenticed to starred gourmet restaurateurs in the area, such as opening oysters, harvesting oysters.” artichoke or setting up the vegetable industry with specially designed wooden games. The aim is that they are well acquainted with local products, their seasonality, health aspects, pests and marketing chains for supplies, both oysters and vegetables, for example, “said Michèle François, guide. and creator of Vegetables Project. The visit will be repeated and offered exclusively to the professional teaching of oral trades.

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