great dog life for his big rabbit

Walking your pet in the city can sometimes be a source of trouble, but it is also a great opportunity to build a social bond. And when you come across a young woman accompanied by a rabbit weighing at least 9 kilos, equipped with a harness and walking on a leash like a dog, you wonder …

The young woman is 22-year-old Léa Dopiérala, a master of arts in live arts at the University of Reims. She works with Manège et l’Opéra, dance companies and on film shoots. The rabbit is Dionysos from the city of Rèmes, a giant from Flanders, born in a Marne farm in November 2009. The animal even has a Facebook page. He is seen at home, in the sea, in the snow, in Barcelona, ​​placid and happy to follow his mistress everywhere.

Their cohabitation, however, required some arrangements mentioned by Leah: “Dionysus is very affectionate and lives in total freedom.” He goes to the litter like a cat. But it is a caring animal that requires a lot of attention. For example, all cables are grouped and put out of reach. I also moved to an apartment with a small garden for him. »

Léa is categorical when she addresses people who want to have a rabbit: “Never put them in a cage. Even with outings, it’s inappropriate (it’s active at night). If you can’t release them, opt for a puppy park. »

And she insists: “No one would have the idea to make a cat live in a cage.” It’s the same with rabbits. But I would add that it must be a thoughtful choice because it costs a lot. »

Wise Note… Abandoned dwarf rabbits are waiting in the shelters.


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