Greek cuisine, the strong trend of summer 2022

A kitchen still unknown

For many of us, Greek cuisine is limited to moussaka or, worse, pita … Yet Charlotte Deprez, Belgian blogger (@thetinynomad) and editor of the account @ greece.please on Instagram, encourages us to look further: “10 years ago, in the collective imagination, Greek cuisine boiled down to vine leaves and restaurants with Doric columns. But with the craze for Greece as a tourist destination and the opening of restaurants Greek cuisine in Belgium, I see an incredible evolution in the supply and interest of this rich and nuanced gastronomy, and Greek cuisine has always played a big part in fruits and vegetables and legumes. and olive oil, which makes it surprisingly modern today! And don’t get me started on Greek wines, which are completely undercooked and also in the midst of a renaissance … “

Indeed, Greek cuisine is also described as Mediterranean cuisine, it differs from Italian cuisine: you can taste specialties such as tarama, bread with olive oil, spanakopita, saganaki (a fried cheese, to fall) and eggplant donuts … No pasta here, so except for the little Greek pasta, often baked and au gratin with feta.

A boom verified

It is not surprising that Greek cuisine is currently booming. A study by Deliveroo found this trend last year, when the delivery service received 65% of new Greek restaurants. In two years, the number of Greek restaurants on the platform has risen from 30 to 83. Most of the others are located in Brussels, but in Flanders and are seduced by Greek cuisine; and not just by the gyros pitas. In Brussels, establishments like Notos make the most of Greek gastronomy in high-end fashion. No pitta here, but licked dishes like this lobster carpaccio or a hake from the shellfish market … As it seems absurd today to limit Italian gastronomy to pizza and spaghetti bolognese, it’s time to ( re) discover Greek cuisine and its secrets.

A tester

If Greek restaurants abound in Brussels, learn to read the menu and dare to vary from the simple Greek salad: don’t miss the tarama (when it’s home) grilled fish, or the famous youvetsi, a stewed lamb dish, served with a gratin of Greek pasta with feta and tomatoes. I’m testing too haloumi grilled vegetables (a damn cheese, served grilled) and of course, octopus and squid in all their forms, an undisputed specialty of Greek chefs …

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