Grenoble. “Les Mets connus”, this Grenoble kitchen that was relaunching with more prices

Le menu du jour is written on the board. The ingredients cu. An order was placed for a buffet so this Monday morning Queen, Mohamed and the others get active. Bertrand Jacquot, the chef, passes the instructions. Behind the scenes of an ordinary kitchen, with a few differences next to it. Here is an Insertion Workshop (ACI). And fully trained cooks have sometimes been overwhelmed by life.

“We have people who have migrated, others who have experienced crashes in life, some who have never really worked and have always been on the sidelines,” said Bertrand Jacquot. A specialist educator, with the training of a premium cook, he is the one who orchestrates this small group, with his second cook Arnaud. “When adapting to a kitchen …

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