Grès Skill by Modulnova: a design and personalized outdoor kitchen

Carved in exceptional materials and graphic shapes, the outdoor kitchen is suitable for the tastes of design and gastronomy lovers to invest with exterior elegance of contemporary residences … Designed in four main for designers Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello for the Italian manufacturer Modulnova, the model variable geometry, named Grès Skill, is distinguished by its wide range of finishes, such as marble, stone, stoneware, steel or metal …

As durable as they are elegant, these high-end materials, specially adapted for outdoor spaces, combine weather resistance and contemporary design. In this category, special mention is made for the “Graphite Milleraies” marble, not the rough treatment and the delicate ribbed surface underlined by the elegance of the material and the “Dark Depth” stoneware, irresistible with a chaux effect finish, which houses a large integrated sink. to the central islet.


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