HAL’S KITCHEN: The Best Kitchen Gadget of All Time

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I hated most kitchen gadgets. Often they don’t work or if they do, they get used to it for a while and then end up in the closet or on the counter taking up space. Several weak moments in a grocery store recently, I bought an omelet machine with a microwave. He was there, right at face level, as I pushed my cart in front of the eggs. I like eggs but I don’t eat much of them. In fact, I had a dozen of them aging in my fridge, and I thought this device might help me use them. Well, it worked. I even bought more eggs because this thing makes a great omelet without having to soil a frying pan. He makes a perfect non-stick omelet every time. You just beat two eggs and put half of them on each side. After microwave for a minute, add some cheese or whatever you want in the middle of your omelet, then close it and microwave a little more. Voila! It works great and it’s so fast and easy. This is my best kitchen purchase in a long time. Infobublicity pitcher Vince Offer needs to get rid of Slap Chop and start selling. May I listen, there is more! You can find more food items from my Hal’s Kitchen below, so keep reading …

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Winnipeg’s Pizza Week is underway. It runs until May 14 in 75 local restaurants. Let yourself run on LaPizzaWeek.com to discover all the most diverse tarts, several voices, a few names that have garnered attention. The Fresh Prince at Smitty’s, Just Figgin ‘Peachy at Saddlery on Market and Bedazzled Basil at Hildegard’s Bakery. And don’t be afraid to try several because the event is also a fundraiser for United Way.

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Wand sales

Japanese researchers have developed computerized chopsticks that enhance salty tastes. The idea is to help those in need reduce sodium in their diet. The wands use an electrical stimulus and a mini-computer worn on a bracelet. A low electric current transmits sodium ions from the food, through the rods, to the mouth, where they create a feeling of salinity. Meiji University’s inventor Homei Miyashita has also developed a lickable television screen that can mimic a variety of food flavors.

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An antioxidant-rich diet could protect your brain. Green leafy vegetables and colored fruits are equal for the rest of the body. According to new research, people who have not sung them are rich in three key antioxidants are less likely to develop a dismemberment. “But the only way to prove the link between antioxidants and brain health is a long-term randomized clinical trial to see if fewer people taking a carefully controlled amount of antioxidant supplements develop dementia over time,” he said. said Dr. Luigi Ferrucci, scientific director of the National Institute on Aging in the United States.


A new study indicates that vegetarian children may face certain problems. Researchers from St. Michael’s Hospital of United Health in Toronto found that even vegetarian children have nutrition levels similar to those of their meat-eating peers, the risk of underweight is double. Insufficient weight may indicate an increased risk of malnutrition or a lack of calories and nutrients needed for good growth, but more research is needed. The study’s lead author, Dr. Jonathon Maguire, states: “Vegetarian regimens seem to be suitable for most children.

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The Potsdam Climate Impact Research Institute says switching from meat to mushrooms once a week can prevent deforestation. Replacing 20% ​​of beef with an alternative to mushroom-based meat could halve deforestation by 2050. Experts say this mushroom meat can reproduce the taste and texture of real beef, but it doesn’t require as much. land to produce and there are also fewer emissions. And that’s interesting: this could also hinder your appetite …


Kellogg is a new ceremony for Star Wars fans. You can take a trip to Grand Forks to lighten up or order online, further on Frosted Flakes Obi-Wan Kenobi combines the rich chocolate flavors of Frosted Flakes Chocolate with the sweet taste of original Frosted Flakes for a “masterful combination”. On the “dark and light” sides. Sa sortie officielle is scheduled for late spring.

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