Harvest insurance to encourage growers to reduce phytos


Since 2019, as part of the VitiRev project carried out by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, the winemakers of Tutiac (Gironde) and those of Buzet (Lot-et-Garonne) are participating in an unprecedented crop insurance experiment. What about the game? See if it is possible to insure the crop losses that a farm would suffer because it wanted to lower its Treatment Frequency Indicator (IFT) as much as possible.

50 hectares in Buzet and 30 ha in Tutiac are managed according to a precise protocol that requires following the recommendations of the DéciTrait (risk forecast) and Optidose (definition of the dose according to the vegetative stage) models developed by the Institut Français de la Vigne and Wine (IFV). Moreover, the ban on exceeding an IFT when a treatment targets two diseases has been added. „If the domains want to combine antimildiou and an anti-powdery mildew, on their demand to prioritize the most important disease and to opt, for example, for 80% – 20%», details Loïc Davadan, engineer at the IFV, study partner. At the end of the season, the damage is estimated and compensated by Groupama.

À Tutiac, this year, the first treatment for mildew on May 30, when most co-op members started in April. Across the campaign, six treatments were performed for mildew (5.5 to 6 IFT) and three for powdery mildew (1.5 IFT). “We gained 4 IFTs over 30 ha compared to the average coop”, described Morgane Taillée, wine advisor at Utilys Concept, who oversees the experimentation. A 2 ha plot suffers from 30 to 40% mildew-related crop losses.

40 to 70% less IFT

À Buzet, les 50 ha received five anti-mildew treatments (4.4 IFT) and five anti-powdery mildew (1.18 IFT) in total. This is 40% less IFT mildew than for the rest of the cooperative’s operations, and 70% less for powdery mildew. A 3-hectare plot, sensitive to mildew, has suffered a small crop loss that will be compensated. At what height? The results of the expertises did not pass until November. “Estimating losses between frost and disease is not easy”, notes Carine Magot, head of the Vignerons de Buzet wine service. And at Tutiac, at the same time, the 2021 loss expertise was not over.

If the amount of compensation is not yet, I know for this year, it is for last year. “In 2020, à Buzet, we took over 80% of less than one hectare and 3% of all the remaining areas, details Dimitri Lely, agricultural director at Groupama Center-Atlantique. We reimbursed 69 hl, or € 9,000. At Tutiac, the loss of performance was even lower and we made up for it as well. »

It should be noted that this year, Groupama set a 5% deductible threshold when the tested contract does not include a previous franchise.

The review of this initiative, funded by the Region, remains to be done. “For a winemaker from Buzet or Tutiac, whose average turnover is € 6,000 / ha, the net cost could be € 250 / haadvances Dimitri Lely. Subsidy, as for crop climate insurance, redare device accessible to the largest number. »

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