Has 13-year-old Shiloh, who died of breast cancer, been the victim of “medical errors”?

the main thing
Little Shiloh, 13, died in December 2021, suffering from breast cancer that no one believed in. Her parents plan to file a lawsuit against medical facilities that did not believe such a diagnosis.

It’s a drama like it almost never happens. Shiloh, 13, died of breast cancer in Val-d’Oise in December 2021. She was diagnosed with a late diagnosis of angiosarcoma, an extremely rare type of tumor. , rapporteur The Parisian.

Six months later, Diane and Modibo, the little girl’s parents, intend to sue the health facilities and the attending physician who saw their daughter without prescribing examinations. “When I said it was cancer, I was told, ‘But, madam, breast cancer at 12 doesn’t exist,'” the mother told our colleagues.


What drama began in March 2021, when little Shiloh is looking for his mother, explains that he suffers from the left breast. This one had, according to the mother, “small pimples and a kind of orange peel”, report The Parisian. Diane decides to take her daughter to the Women’s Imaging Center in Val-d’Oise. A doctor then makes a first assessment: it could be mastitis – an inflammation of the breasts – the girl has a “swollen, hot and painful” breast.

But the family is not convinced, and goes to an emergency department a month later. Because of her young age, Shiloh is not palpated, and she is diagnosed with mastitis again. La petite fille is put on antibiotics and referred to a dermatologist. However, Diane assures us: “Shiloh was very tired, she was having a hard time standing up.” In May, the mother discovers spots on the teen’s sheets: her breasts had begun to leak.

Hospitalized again, this time at Argenteuil Hospital, Shiloh suffers from medical wanderings again. They resort to unhealthy health care. Her parents are even suspected of abuse. It is less than a month after celebrating her thirteenth birthday that the family manages to get a biopsy (a tissue sample for analysis, ed).

Refusal to care

The fact is that Shiloh has Grade II breast angiosarcoma, a malignant tumor that “could have appeared elsewhere on the body,” said the doctor who treated her. But unfortunately it is too late: the tumor progresses, and ends up taking the girl away on December 8, 2021, less than four months after the start of her chemotherapy.

Diane is convinced that her daughter has been charged for medical misconduct. just. The parents decided to file a complaint against “the health facilities and the attending physician who saw their daughter without prescribing examinations,” our colleagues report.

Sabine Doucinaud, the couple’s lawyer, intends to plead for the refusal of treatment. “Shiloh should never have been sent home in her condition. The doctors didn’t know what she had, they should have kept her,” she said. The Parisian.

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