Have baseball fields become dog parks?

Living in Longueuil since I was born, I have had the chance to practice and evolve in an environment where sport was valued and served in many instances.

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It allows me to see my friends outside of class hours, gives me the opportunity to practice physical activities, set performance goals and have personal achievements. It even allowed me to have a career in physical education teaching, as well as making me discover a lot of places in Quebec, Canada and even the United States.

With all these benefits, it is important that I want to pass on this same passion to my son. Something I believe I have done, because for 15 years he has been practicing a multitude of sports, winter and summer. So we are very happy to be able to play baseball during the summer season. In addition, we are lucky to have a beautiful baseball field on the corner of our street, Laflamme Park in Longueuil.

Where the bat hurts is that this beautiful baseball field, completely renovated two years ago, is now considered by many citizens to be a dog park rather than a baseball field.

I know it can be tempting to see his dog on a leash, to send him a leash, to send him sticks or any other object, to allow him to run in a closed environment without fear. that he may be saved. While taking this time … so he can relieve himself.

Except that this happy moment turns into a nightmare when a father and son arrive at the park to play the sport of baseball, on a baseball field, and it is occupied by dogs without a leash and of all sizes. Not to mention that the ground is filled with sticks to run the dog (who injured my son when he tripped on one of these), etc., not to mention the excrement left by some dog owners.

I thought, until this year, that this situation was an isolated case, until the moment when the father of a player (I am now the coach of the Royaux de Marie-Victorin, bantam AA, the U15 team of Longueuil) tells me that the same situation occurs in the borough of Saint-Hubert, in the Marcel-Simard park.

In this sense, I believe it is time for the city council and even the borough council to put up posters on the front doors and on the fences near the players’ shelters to indicate a clear ban on dogs under penalty of fine.

Thus, favoring the practice of sport chez nos jeunes, which is without a doubt plus what is needed, also in protection against sports facilities.

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