Have you insured your iPhone? | iGeneration

From now on, Apple does not offer plus insurance for the iPhone, plus two. Outre l’AppleCare+ classic, which hides your accidental damage, you can write a new formula, which allows you to protect yourself back in the house against the wall or theft.

Image Marco Verch (CC BY)

Si les assurances d’Apple ont le merit de la simplicité — you can les souscrire dès l’achat de your iPhone and they « protégént » assez largemente your appareil —, ce are loin d’être les seules available on the market. There are numerous guarantees dedicated to smartphones, not taking into account home or bank insurance that can open certain incidents.

The two types of insurance from Apple. Each repair or replacement is subject to a deductible.

Avez-vous assured votre iPhone (care ce soit juste pour les dommages accidentels ou aussi pour les vols)?


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