Having a chat increases your risk of post-partum depression, according to a study

On compte aujourd’hui more than 14 million discussions in foyers français, according to Le Figaro. And bon nombre d’entre nous apprècent leur compagnie, these petites boules de poils can nevertheless avoir nefastes sur la santé mentale des femmes in passe de devenir mères. C’est ce que reveille une nouveau étude publiée par des chercheurs japonais dans la revue Social Science & Medecine le 11 juillet et dont The Independent et Slate se sont fait l’echo. Effectively, there would be a link between the possession of a chat during pregnancy and a greater risk of post-partum depression. Conversely, if the animal of the company is a chien, the risk will be higher than normal. “The type of animal you possess plays a role in maintaining good mental health in mothers before and after care,” the study states.

The science team, led by Dr. Matsumura, has arrived at such a conclusion after collecting information on the demographic and socio-economic status of 80,000 pregnant women in Japan. These last ones responded five times to a questionnaire to propose their physical and mental health, their medical and obstetric antecedents or even their lifestyle, between the onset of pregnancy and the first anniversary of their child. Elles ont ensuite dû indicaire they had a chat, a chien or bien les deux. In total, nearly 9,000 women have assured living with a chat, a little more than 4,000 have declared (…)

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