he chooses it for his kitchen

If you are redoing your kitchen, you are being questioned about the work plan. How many people want to opt for stainless steel. What are the pros and cons of a stainless steel worktop? How to maintain it and what is its price?

This is one of the most common, the stainless steel worktop is invited in many kitchens. At the bazaar for professionals, stainless steel is conquering more and more individuals. And for good reason! Very resistant, it blends easily into the decor and is quite affordable. Zoom in on the stainless steel worktop: can it be made to measure? How much does it cost? Comment maintain a stainless steel worktop? We take stock.

What are the pros and cons of the stainless steel worktop?

If all people opt for stainless steel in the kitchen, it is above all for its appearance. Gray in color and for no particular reason, it has the advantage of adapt to multiple styles of decoration. However, it is precisely its appearance that is a bit cold, which can be refutable to purchase. Another advantage: its resistance. Stainless steel is known to be quite strong and age well in the face of shocks and to theare you sureinevitable in the kitchen. Adaptation to high temperatures, you can also put pots and hot dishes there, without the risk of damaging it. Finally, if he is so successful, it is above all because he is very toiletthis is why it is found in catering kitchens.

However, the downside, it scratches easily and shows fingerprints or water if it is not maintained regularly. It takes a bit of work to make it look flawless on a daily basis.

Can a custom-made stainless steel worktop be made?

Small kitchen or they have the opposite, very large kitchen ? Make your custom stainless steel worktop. This one will certainly be in one piece comprising thesink and the work plan for a small space. While for a large area, it comes in two parts and why not, with a central island. In any case, it is possible to make it the size of your kitchen. Just request a quote from a cook to tailor it to your needs.

For a fingerprint limiter or water that can easily appear, it is important to maintain yourself. stainless steel worktop. To avoid this, think carefully about avoiding any use or cleaning. Be careful not to scratch the stainless steel, be sure to use instead non-abrasive sponges or des soft cloths. Feel free to apply your usual maintenance products. You can clean the stainless steel worktop with a mixture of white vinegar and water, or use of baking soda e.g.

How much does a stainless steel worktop cost?

The price of a stainless steel worktop varies depending on the sound thickness and its size. Count about between 75 et 300 euro the square meter. This one could be SATIN, smoothed, brushed or with micro-reliefs. These aspects also influence the final prize. Finally, if you want a bespoke work plan, the price will be a little higher depending on your needs.

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