He contracts MST in a car and reaches 5 million insurance


An American woman who contracted a sexually transmitted disease after unprotected sex in her partner’s car received $ 5.2 million in damages from the vehicle insurer.

According to the complaint of this woman, filed in 2017 in the state of Missouri, my partner’s partner was infected with papillomavirus (HPV) through negligence in 2017. losses and injuries », Especially for« his past and future medical expenses ».

The plaintiff, designated by the initials MO, had requested $ 9.9 million from the insurance company Geico before a mediator awarded it $ 5.2 million according to court documents. A decision upheld Tuesday by the Missouri Court of Appeal.

« The insured should have mentioned his diagnosis to MO before sexual activity took place, but he did not The mediator pointed out.

Papillomavirus, responsible for cervical cancer, is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. There is a vaccine to protect against it.

The new court decision went viral on social media, citing mockery and comments. « Such insensitive claims are largely the reason why car insurance is so expensive. In particular, billionaire billionaire Elon Musk responded on Twitter.


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