he was driving without a license, without insurance, and did not stop at the controls

On June 16, in Boucau, it was past midnight when the police saw a car heading towards them and then abruptly forked in front of them. They are not pursuing him. On the same day, at 9:50 p.m., the car made a new crossing. Two passengers on board, whose driver was spotted the night before. Officials follow him, discreetly.

But the driver realizes this. Another leak, this time with a red light. The vehicle was found 15 minutes later, the engine still warm, parked in the parking lot of a residence. Two boys ran away, according to witnesses. The police find them quickly, near a park.

Fear of control

It turns out that the driver had already been spotted, four months earlier, after Boucala residents called the police for “wild rodeo and detonations” in the area. At the wheel of the car described that evening, parked in a dead end, not far away, the same 20-year-old boy. Summoned to the police station to explain himself, he will never show up.

So when the police find him in June, the two files are joined. The boy acknowledges the fear of control, because of his driving without a license and without insurance. “I also knew that I had been summoned…” He is known from the Bayonne court. His first convictions in juvenile court continued after the majority was reached. “He has received solemn warnings, but the justice of the elders is much more repressive,” said Deputy Prosecutor Caroline Parizel.

“Are you in jail?” »

In September 2021, le jeune majeur was convicted by the Bayonne court of refusing to comply. “When the police ask to stop, do we stop?” The president asked. Until then, he had escaped incarceration, but has been in pretrial detention since June 18 after his remand in custody. “What do you think of the prison?” The prosecutor tries. “I want to take on my bullshit to get back on track,” he said.

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