Health Insurance – Ameli Account: You can now make a proxy online

Credits: © Jacob Lund

Are you unable to move? Can’t apply online? With the new feature available on your Ameli account, it is now possible to get a proxy to a loved one over 18 and make a move to your place at CPAM receiving points.

What are the steps compatible with your power of attorney?

The steps that can be taken with a power of attorney are the most necessary relatives:

  • an occupational disease or an accident at work;
  • maternity or paternity leave;
  • daily allowances;
  • complementary solidarity health.

How to make this proxy online?

First phase:

  • click on « Make or revoke an online power of attorney » in the list « Take a step back ».

The second stage:

  • fill in the personal information about the person who will represent you;
  • après avoir reluat recapitulatif, then you can validate your request.

When the purchase is generated immediately, you can print and drop the adult of your choice.

If you do not have an Ameli account, you must write a letter of attorney to the person of your choice. Your representative (agent) will present this power of attorney at the CPAM reception accompanied by a copy of your ID and your own ID (passport or ID card).

Comment Do you use this proxy?

When your representative shows up at a CPAM reception point, he / she will present the full power of attorney, his pièce d’identité (national identity card or passport), social security number and any other necessary proof. to take the steps for you.

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