Health | Raci: pesticide, asbestos, pollution … When work kills

Since 2017, a research group, Giscop 84, has been working in Avignon on the incidence of haematological cancers. Its first results show that the majority of patients have been exposed to toxic substances in their careers

By Delphine Tanguy, Éric Goubert and Laurent d’Ancona

For forty years, she listened to them in her small office in downtown Vedène (84). And like so many others in France, she saw an increase in the number of cancers, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders among her patients … “It bothered me for a long time, I didn’t have the answers to my questions.” , recalls Dr. Mireille Lambertin. These answers, the general practitioner often went to look for in the fight against pesticides, the defense of the environment. A committed activist. And so she once became interested in the work of Annie Thébaud-Mony (read below) this sociologist in public health who, in Seine-Saint-Denis, created the first twenty years ago. Group of scientific interest on origin cancers

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