Heatwave: What attitude to adopt with your pets during the heat?

Naked humans are not the only ones to suffer from heat. Animal species can withstand the heat and most importantly for their health. Here are some tips to ensure the serenity of your companion.

Over 40 ° C location, France agree to experience a very early vague heat for the season and a significant intensity. A real furnace difficult for us humans to bear. But for our everyday companions, the heat can be even harder to endure.

Different human behavior

Nos animaux de compagnie is not manifested by excess heat for men. Their behavior is very different. Talks and dogs may also be more sensitive to high temperatures. It is important to be able to spot the first warning signs in their behavior.

In humans, the temperature control system is well done: you breathe in to exhale calories and cool off. In the animal world, breathing is the main means of regulating temperature. If your dog or cat halète, then it is safe in the train to cool down.

Water and fresh

On the website, the animal association Peta evokes several auspicious tips. In particular, it is recommended to leave your dog indoors during periods of heat. “Give them the opportunity to land on cool ground and to have access to a sufficiently cool and airy space as well as free access to water,” he said. The cat and the dog must have fresh water in an unlimited amount for the whole day.

Beware of sun exposure. Some materials such as tar rise very quickly and very strongly in heat during the summer. So your dog can burn his pads if he walks on this burning surface. Similarly, during trips, it is recommended to stop periodically to feed your pet. With heat, it can dehydrate very quickly.

Cat, dog: what are the symptoms of heat stroke?

In the dog, typical symptoms of heatstroke include “agitation, rapid or painful panting, vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite, or coordination.” It is then necessary to act quickly and “try to refresh him by making water available to him and applying a wet and cold towel to his head and chest, or by gradually immersing him in lukewarm water ( never frozen) “, advises Peta. If your naked canine has not recovered, consult a veterinarian quickly.

For the cat, the Magician of the Cat cites several symptoms reminiscent of a heat stroke: “He gasps”, “his breathing suddenly becomes fast”, “he salivates a lot”, “there is a change in the color of his tongue which goes from dark red to blue “,” the cat is agitated “,” the heart rate is accelerating “,” the animal is first shot and then prostrated “,” It convulses (tremors of great violence )). ” It is then advisable, as in the case of the dog, to cool the animal and take it to the veterinarian for consultation if the symptoms persist.

In addition, you can help the wildlife to pass the heat wave. You can install a recipient deep in the window or balcony for oiseaux. In your garden, leaving your water points can be a good idea.

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