Helvetia is moving towards online boating insurance

A historic player in maritime insurance and transport in France, Switzerland offers a digital product “e-boat” dedicated to small pleasure, distributed to all courtiers’ partners. The company is looking to consolidate its position in the boating market. Explanations with Nicolas Leroy, head of the leisure and river markets at Helvetia France.

Helvetia Group, based in Switzerland, is mainly known for insurance and forecasts to private destinations. In France, on which markets are you present?

Historically, Helvetia began by offering maritime and transport insurance in France, in the Corps markets (pleasure, river, fishing, shipowner, port), cargo and carrier / logistics. Successful since the group ranks second in this market today! But for the past 5 years, Helvetia has also diversified to become a major insurer in corporate risk, developing insurance / construction activities in France, technical risks, works of art, property damage, general and professional business liability. and car fleets.

You propose an “e-boat”, an insurance product on line. How did you design it?

We launched this contract to complete our existing range of yachting, which only concerned the segment of medium and large yachting, ie boats over 8 meters and worth more than 100,000 euros. The “e-boat” product is aimed at small boats, or 450,000 boats, three-quarters of the French market. We offer two forms of warranty: RC navigation only or RC with damage. None is legally required, but several ports generally require at least one RC navigation attestation in order to enter a port. Around these formulas, boaters can choose to subscribe to additional options, which we have designed and which we evolve according to the returns of our partner brokers: 24/7 troubleshooting assistance (key loss, engine failure…), individual marine and legal protection.

What is the added value of “e-boat” in the insurance market?

This is a unique product! It is easy to understand, simple and clear. In the event of an accident, the insured person immediately knows what compensation to expect, by consulting the abatement rate schedule defined for each position of the boat (propeller, rigging, saddlery …), even without waiting for the notice. of the expert. This reduces the compensation period and any bad surprises. This transparency is highly valued by tile pool owners. Another originality of our “e-boat” contract, we take into account the experience of browsing the insurance, which is offset by a refined rate closest to his skills. Finally, what entirely digital contract can be signed in all simplicity: 5 questions and a few clicks.

What support do you offer brokers on this e-boat product?

Boat insurance is distributed by general brokers, general agents and specialized boating brokers. As soon as they obtain Helvetia approval, they are then self-employed on our HelvetiaNet online portal for establishing online quotes and subscribing to contracts for their boating customers. In case of claims, intermediary to declare the event and will be contacted directly with our compensation service, by phone or e-mail. Our field teams are also at your service for all your daily requests. And to help our partner brokers present the features of our e-boat contract, we set up physical or distance presentation sessions every year.

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