her success in the United States, her couple with an Emergency actress… Who is hiding behind the kitchen rockstar?

Event in Top Chef this Wednesday, May 11 on M6! The three-star chef will launch an iodine challenge to the candidates. Portrait of an iconoclastic stove celebrity.

Your son cannot be, farther-Atlantique, Dominique Crenn is a real star. Elle is invited by Top Chef this evening. Born in 1965, this Breton-born Frenchwoman is the first woman in the United States to win three Michelin stars for her San Francisco restaurant, L’Atelier Crenn. That was in 2018. Two years earlier, she had been voted “Best Chef in the World” by the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants ranking.

A chef not like the others …

It was at the age of 6, during a lunch at a star-studded table, that she had the trigger: she would become a chef. Through hard work and dedication, she bravely takes on the challenge. “I did not learn alongside great leaders. I just grew up with cooking for my mom and grandma“In 1998, at the age of 30, she flew to California and opened her first school there. The one who was adopted there at the age of 18 months finally feels at home. There she meets the love of her life, Maria Bello, an actress revealed in the series emergency. She works with seafood by taking a poetic approach to cooking. Son, what? Sustainability brand. “One can eat something and remember it for the rest of one’s life“As an employee of environmental protection, he did it in the establishment of the standard of bio and premises.”

… bluffed by the candidates of Top Chef

We met her last November while filming at the Plaine Saint-Denis studios. A sparkling and elegant woman. From the outset, his charisma seduces. Unsurprisingly, the candidates were impressed by the small size of the woman, whose mission was to sublimate the coquillages. “I want to find out how young people here see cooking. They represent the future and inspire me“She is delighted. It is an honor for her to be a part of the show.”Top Chef France is a worldwide reference. What was a marvelous experience, and I was impressed by the professionals, skills and creativity, did not prove to the candidates.

Dominique Crenn, future judge of the program? She answers this question with a burst of laughter: “I’m going to improve my French first,” before adding: “Why not ? That would be great. You even create a new show!“In the meantime, it will be possible to taste her cuisine in the coming months in Paris, where she will open at the first address. No pretensions, simply”a place of freedom“A restaurant that honors New Orleans cuisine. It promises!”

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