Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 426 of Tuesday, June 21, 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV news series

In the next episode of “Ici tout commence” … Charlène and Célia are in a high fashion for the kitchen and Tom and Ambre have a new project. As for Tony, he thinks that Axel and Salome will benefit from life.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Here everything starts broadcasting tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

Tuesday, June 21 in Ici tout begins …


It is the turn of the second and third years to prepare for their exams. In the kitchen, Hortense, Celia, Greg and Anaïs train for their cooking test. Hortense does not hide her stress, but her friends reassure her. Suddenly, Charlène joins them and asks them if they haven’t seen her father, which is not the case. Greg seizes the opportunity and asks her about the topic of their cooking exam. But the student doesn’t know any more than they do because her father refuses to let her pass. While Célia is happy that Teyssier has not reconsidered her decision, Charlène seems to have found a way to graduate despite the disciplinary board’s decision against her. Celia is upset, she still hasn’t digested what she did to her with Marta several weeks ago.

At the same time, Emmanuel and Constance spend a complicated time together at the institute, but they are quickly interrupted by Charlène. Determined to lift her sentence, the student found a way to graduate: Rule 20 of the school’s bylaws. In fact, any student with a general average of at least 10 in continuous control cannot be denied access to the end-of-year exams. According to his daughter, even the director could not go against the rules, but Emmanuel still refused to give him a new pass. After all, it’s not just his decision, it’s the disciplinary board’s decision.

Charlene refuses to let herself down and asks her mother for help. Constance defends her husband, and does not support her daughter using their marital crisis to her advantage. For his part, Louis has another idea: to organize a new disciplinary council without informing Teyssier. The student promises her mother not to say anything to her father at the moment. She accepts and warns her daughter, there is very little chance that her plan will work. Moreover, Charlène wants more to get a diploma and a good account to be taken at every opportunity.

Later, Charlène sued the disciplinary board consisting of Myriel, Clotilde, Louis and Rose. The student only asks for one thing: that the rules be enforced. They consider that his request is justified. Unfortunately, Teyssier surprises them and once again refuses to reconsider the decision. She thinks he’ll take care of her as a favored treatment, but Charlène is ready to take the risk. She would rather have a few critics and her degree than no degree at all. Her father eventually agreed. Constance is very happy for her daughter who managed to find a solution. But Teyssier does not intend to stay there, he is determined to put sticks in his wheels.

In the kitchen, Celia confesses to Hortense and Eliott that she doesn’t want to take the end-of-year exams and thinks about dropping out of school. When she joined the institute, she thought she was following the teachings of Auguste Armand, not the whims of Teyssier. For better or worse, her friends change her mind.

Charlène hurries to announce the good news to her brother. Not far away, Celia hears everything and throws spades at him. She can no longer bear the fact that she has so many passes to the institute on the pretext that she is the director’s daughter. The tone rises rapidly between the two young women and Theo intervenes. If they can’t stand each other, they can’t talk to each other. Suddenly the students’ phones start ringing, Teyssier calls them to the double A.

The second and third year students are waiting for the principal to find out how their exams are going. Teyssier arrives and he has a very innovative idea: an inter-promo cooking event. A sophomore will team up with a three-year-old, they will have 24 hours to create a recipe that they will present the day after tomorrow. This test is the only one that will pass the second years. For their part, the third year will be followed by a pastry and cooking event the following week. The director announces the pairings: Salomé is with Greg, Mehdi is in a duet with Enzo, Anaïs must cook with Eliott and finally, Célia has to work with Charlène.


Lisandro is deprived of the double A. With the dismissal of half of the promotion from the first years and the other students who soon pass their exams, the room teacher is understaffed in the restaurant. Fortunately, Deva and Jasmine join him: they are normally scheduled for the room. Despite their dismissal, they do not know whether they should do the service or not. For his part, Lisandro doesn’t know any more than they do, because the naked director didn’t give him a clue. The students offer their help, they are very motivated and professional. But Iñesta doesn’t want to give them false hopes by letting them work with him. According to the professor, Teyssier will not reconsider his decision. Deva and Jasmine know this, but they prefer to end their year by doing room service, rather than leaving high school on a bad grade.

A little later, Lisandro asks Emmanuel and Antoine to let the first postponed years work in the classroom until the end of the school year. In fact, he is understaffed with the second- and third-year exams coming in big, and he has no one else to do the job. Teyssier immediately opposes the project, but Myriel thinks they don’t really have a choice. The director finally agrees.

Lisandro summoned the first years sent back to the double A. He informs them of the decision of Emmanuel and Antoine. He leaves them the choice: work until the end of the year in the dining room at the restaurant or renew his offer. The professor confirms to them that if they work for a while in double A, it does not mean that they will be reinstated. Tom and Amber go back to work for free knowing they won’t have a second chance at high school. As for Deva and Jasmine, they accept without hesitation.

For their part, Amber and Tom realize that the institute is really behind them. Tom would like to create a project around the kitchen with his friend that makes them really happy. Right away, Amber has an idea: create a host table at the Gaissacs.


At the Rivière table, Axel and Solal take advantage of the service to revise some Japanese cutting techniques. Salomé arrives at the restaurant. She wants to order her lunch. Solal seizes the opportunity and offers to show them a special technique in exchange for a free meal. If at first the student hesitates, she ends up accepting her offer.

Tony meets at the restaurant to pick up orders, but nothing is ready. He meets Axel and Salome and mistakenly thinks they are a couple. In a few days, this is the second time they have been given this thought. An uneasiness sets in between them. Axel then makes things clear, they are not together and Salome explains that he is a couple. While he thought he had a good instinct for these things, Tony took the opportunity to give them some advice: “Live your life without regret.”

At the end of the service, Axel tells Solal that something could have happened to Salome, but it didn’t happen. He is in a relationship with Jasmine and laughs a lot with her. Mais Solal is required and that’s really enough. Axel jokes, but doesn’t answer. His gaze proves that he is touched by his friend’s suggestions.

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