Here it all starts in advance: big clash between Celia and Theo in the kitchen … The summary of episode 424 of Friday, June 17 (spoilers)

Teyssier continues his series by turning another student around, but Tom thinks of a plan against the principal. At Double A, Célia, Théo and Charlène take the lead in full service. Axel can’t make himself heard by his father.

Friday, June 17 in This is where it all begins with Rebecca Benhamour (Célia) absent from the new credits and Julie Dommanget (Gaëlle Boisseron) care unveils her baby bump … Amber naked doesn’t want to continue the tests because she blames the students who got fired. Kelly reassures and removes. They embark on the Landiras-supervised pastry test. Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche, who meets Philippe Bas in suite du Jump from the devil) likes the results and approves of Amber’s but he provokes her and she responds. He then tells her to clear up.

Tom thinks of a plan against Teyssier

Clotilde and Antoine are furious with Teyssier who sent off half of the first year promo. But the director doesn’t give up. Amber (Claire Romain) tries to mess with Tom (Tom Darmon as a couple with singer Carla?), Deva and Jasmine, but they send her to graze. Jasmine (Zoï Severin) then joins Amber to explain and she tells him she doesn’t have to blame. Tom makes an appointment with them at the library to explain his plan for them to be reinstated in the institute. He wants to collect videos of Teyssier in the middle of the cable and in front of a montage to publish it on social media. Charlène hears that they are talking about her father and decides to find out what he is coming back for.

Theo and Celia take their beak in full service

In the morning, Théo announces to Célia that she will no longer be his second in the Double A and that he will take Charlène. Celia is unhappy. During the service, Charlène takes her role very seriously and shakes Célia while boasting that she went to see her father to get the job. Celia decides to change the dressage of a plate, and gets upset with Charlene about it. This last balances the actions of Celia to Theo who garnishes his girlfriend. Celia leaves the service. Theo finds her at home and they calmly explain themselves. She offers to leave the institute and move elsewhere. He doesn’t seem to be leaving.

Axel and his father still can’t understand each other

Axel’s father and mother disembark at the high school while the young man trains to make a soufflé with Salome and Jasmine. Very quickly, the tone shows between Axel and his father who does not want to believe that his son is really interested in cooking. Then, Salome finds Axel to talk about the tensions with the father and she advises him to try to talk to his father to explain why he loves cooking. Axel is going to have a drink with his parents, but his father remains deaf to his explanations.

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