his most tragic kitchen injury that led him to the emergency room

Philippe Etchebest does not have his tongue in his pocket

The chef took advantage of his notoriety and radius of influence to speak on behalf of many French restaurateurs, put in great difficulty by confinement, the ensuing curfew, and all measures such as the health pass which did not help restaurants to fill in 2020 and 2021. On BFMTV, he had already expressed his concern about possible reactions of customers who are not equipped with a health pass and who wish to go to the restaurant: « You see, a somewhat recalcitrant customer who refuses to be taken out of the facility because he doesn’t have a health pass, it’s going to end up in a saloon brawl. We can see the reaction of the people sometimes, it can be violent«.

For him, the problem was not the health pass itself, but rather its execution, as he clearly explained: ” It is not that we are against, in any case, a large part of the health pass. But that is the method. It’s going very fast. We did not consult in advance, as was the case during the first deconfining for health restrictive measures. So that’s pretty brutal. They use us, I feel. It can be used as a tool but not as a hostage. If the state takes responsibility and wants to take on the fact that everyone has to be vaccinated, let it be very clear. After that we will definitely put things in place. But that’s violent, it’s pretty fast. We are faced with the accomplished fact. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes«.

The leader is indignant

Count on him to say what they think of all the restaurateurs who have decided to open despite the confinements and curfews. Obviously, they regret that they are not complying with the law and give a bad image of an entire environment. :

« Frankly, what image will come out of us restaurateurs? We fought for months for help. We are doing everything we can today to make sure we have a quick and normal reopening. And today, a handful of individuals are soiling our profession, and that’s not normal. I saw pictures, indeed, no later than yesterday, and I’m really shocked. There are always those who will try to cheat, but it must be denounced, and these people must be punished: they send back a bad image of our profession, a profession that defends its values ​​and respects the rules. People who go against this need to be punished ».

The chief suffered a blood poisoning

It sounds crazy, but it’s still true. Et c’est du côté de Toulouse, who gave them this information. Why Toulouse? Because Tibo Inshape lives in the pink city. The Youtuber suggested the chef come over so they could shoot a video together. The purpose of the latter is simple: it allows Tibo to eat the same ingredients that he is used to consuming, but by magnifying them in plates full of flavors.

But the M6 ​​star and YouTube star aren’t just cooking and exchanging anecdotes. The second then asks the first if he has ever been seriously injured in his kitchens. The chef’s answer is surprising: « The worst bobo I’ve ever had was making fish soup. And while cleaning the fish, I didn’t make a mistake and I was stung by a sharp. After a week, I really wasn’t feeling well. I get to the kitchen, I had eyes like that. The chef looks at me, he thinks I’ve been partying all night. He asks me if it’s okay, I say ‘No, no it’s not okay’. And then I show him my arm. I had a whole chain of lymph nodes along my arm. He looked at me and said, ‘There, you go to the hospital fast. Now !’ In fact, I was poisoning my blood«.

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