Home insurance: in which areas do you pay the least?

The cost of home insurance is the highest in Ile-de-France with an average rate of 242 euros per year. (Pixabay / Geralt)

In France, the cost of housing insurance varies significantly from region to region. That’s according to a study by online insurance comparator Assurland after sifting through some 35,000 quotes. On average, the cost of home insurance is 216 euros per year.

L’assurance habitation is a compulsory spending center for housewives. Various sums from one region to another in France to dismantle a study carried out by the Assurland on-line insurance comparator and relayed by


Tuesday, April 5th. This conclusion was established after analyzing 35,000 editions for all regions of the Hexagon.

It is better to live in Brittany

Across the country, the average price of home insurance is 216 euros, a stable amount compared to the previous year. But that drops to 171 euros in Brittany, the least expensive region due to the lowest claims rate in France.

The neighboring regions of Normandy and the Pays de la Loire also show relatively low rates with an average of 190 and 179 euros respectively.

Described significant in certain regions

At the same time, the Paca region has seen a 33% increase in the average home insurance rate since 2010 to 240 euros a year. In Occitania, it increased by 40% during this period to reach 232 euros per year. These increases are due to high claims rates with a resurgence of burglaries and a proliferation of climate disasters in the southeast.

Finally, it is in Ile-de-France that the cost of home insurance is highest with an average rate of 242 euros per year, which represents a jump of 32% compared to 2010.


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