How do I secure the balcony for my cat?

Curious and vagabonds, discussions can tend to put them in delicate, even dangerous, situations. So, if you have an outdoor corner, it is always advisable to secureas a precaution.

Securing a balcony for my cat: how to proceed?

Cats that don’t usually enjoy the outdoors can find a way to spend time on your balcony. This is still a great idea, as long as your four-legged pet is protected. So you can put in place several methods in order to guarantee the security of your chat have balcony. Your chat will be happy to take advantage of your foreign currency while remaining safe.

Why do I have to secure my balcony if I have a cat?

First of all, for his safety. Indeed, a fall could be fatal to your chat. Although it all depends on the floor you live in, it is best to avoid any risk. bathroom with bathroom, secure your chat balcony allows you to prevent it from escaping. It also allows you to create a real company. delimitation.

Chat has balcony: security measures

Among the most common solutions for secure the balcony for your catpe finds them cat net. This mailles system allows you to close the balcony and prevent your chat from falling or colliding spontaneously. Then you can buy or build a bamboo mat, or vegetable fiber, to attach to the lattice to fill the void. Help your chat to live independently and to avoid closing on the balcony, you can install a chat room in the glass door of your balcony. This technique may require a glazier.


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