“How do you steal dogs?”

Romain is 20 years old and lives with his mother in Saint-Oulph. When he left for work on Friday morning, it was formal, Jade and Salco were fine in the yard. The first, an 8-year-old Breton spaniel, was in a closed kennel. Le second, a 10-year-old Jack Russel, was in court. But when he returned at the end of the day, Romain did not find his dogs.

« They were no longer there but the gate was closed and so was the kennel door. In addition, there are no holes, either in the kennel or elsewhere, so it is impossible for both of them to escape. Said the young man. “As soon as I saw that, I called the gendarmes who came to see, take pictures. On Saturday morning, I went to the Méry-sur-Seine gendarmerie to file a complaint. I also went around the neighborhood but no one saw anything … ”

70,000 dog thefts a year in France

Romain and his mother do not have much hope of finding their dogs. “We’re disgusted, we don’t understand how someone can do such a thing. Stealing an object or tools is one thing, but a dog is a family member! How do you steal dogs? »

About 70,000 dogs are stolen from their owners each year in France. A figure rising since the beginning of the Covid-related health crisis, because demand has exploded, raising the prices of certain breeds.

If puppies are most prized by thieves, older naked dogs are not spared, especially when they belong to breeds that can “report” several thousand euros for resale, such as French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas or staffies. Trafficking in animals around the world is very important, as it is just behind drug trafficking and arms trafficking.

At dawn, no particular increase or particularly worrying phenomenon, according to the gendarmerie. But vigilance is needed, and was even encouraged by the commune of Droupt-Sainte-Marie, near Saint-Oulph, to its inhabitants.


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