How does the auto credit offer work Maaf?

A car loan or car loan is an emprunt pour financer l’achat d’une voiture neuve or d’occasion. Le principe de credit is d’emprunter a defined amount which can be equal to the total purchase price of the car or only a part of this price. How many parameters are there to consider when choosing a car loan? Quelles sont les caractéristiques du credit car de la Maaf?

What are the points to take into account when applying for a car loan?

When you want to get a car loan, several words are mentioned on the proposal. It is important that you understand the different terms.

  • Le Taux Annuel Effectivef Global (TAEG): C’est le taux réel du prêt puisqu’il regroupe tous les costes liés au credit. The emprunté amount, interests as well as possible file fees and the contribution for the emprunteur insurance are included in the APR.
  • Loan duration: Elle peut être annuelle or mensuelle and determine le cost de la mensualité à rembourser (chaque mois), until fin du prêt. You have the possibility to raise your credit level according to your budget. Moreover, the APR often varies depending on the duration of the loan. I then take the time to compare les offres entre elles.
  • Salaries: C’est le montant that you reimburse tous les mois, en tenant compte de la durée du crédit that you auraz choisi.
  • The total cost of the loan: il s’agit de la totality du montant que vous allez payer en souscrivant au prêt voiture: capital emprunté, intérêts et eventuals autres frais annexes.

MAAF car loan

MAAF is a generalist insurance mutual. They offer car insurance, habitation, risques professionnels, santé, prévoyance, life assurance and also interesting services for assistance and loans.

MAAF car loan presentation

The car loan proposed by Maaf allows financing the purchase of a new or second-hand car with or without a down payment. A refusal, a cancellation of credit and a problem in obtaining the driving vehicle on the automatic price stop. L’achat du véhicule is thus cancelled.

The MAAF auto loan offer has a characteristic that arises from the establishment: auto insurance. In fact, it allows the customer to write a car loan and a Tous Risques MAAF car insurance at the same time. Through this formula, l’emprunteur can benefit from a reduced credit rate, but remains free of insurance in another insurance company.

Characteristics of the MAAF car loan

The main feature of this car loan is the Tous Risques MAAF car insurance. The MAAF car loan allows you to benefit from a Tous Risques car insurance. In case of accidents, the borrower benefits from an indemnification from his insurer. Il faudra juste qu’il presente une facture.

There are also complementary options. At the time of registration of the MAAF All Risks car insurance, you can complete your offer with optional guarantees that allow the adapter to your needs. A replacement vehicle loan for example.

Avis sur le credit car MAAF

The MAAF car price is an interesting offer for borrowers. This car loan combined with a car insurance offers a multitude of advantages for the purchase of a vehicle, with knowledge:

  • An adapted loan: l’emprunteur has the possibility of financing the totality or just a part du projet d’achat du véhicule;
  • Un crédit simple et clair: il n’y a pas de frais de dossier à payer et pas d’obligation d’avoir un apport personnel;
  • A souple credit: the possibility to choose the withdrawal date in the client’s account of argent entries;
  • Un vantageux credit: the auto credit + auto insurance offer allows you to benefit from a reduced fixed rate.

In addition to all these advantages, the MAAF car loan was the first 7 consecutive times through Les Dossiers de l’Épargne and obtained the Excellence label.

MAAF car loan description conditions

When subscribing to a MAAF car loan, it can be done in the agency, by phone or by crossing the personal space on the line and l’emprunteur is already a customer. You must provide the following proof of subscription:

  • A valid identity piece;
  • A proof of recent residence;
  • Le Relevé d’Identité Bancaire (RIB);
  • A proof of purchase of the vehicle (il peut s’agir d’un bon de commande or d’une lettre d’achat);
  • Votre dernier bulletin de salaire or le dernier notice d’imposition.

The borrower has a withdrawal period of 14 days in case of validation of the credit contract. If l’emprunteur does not retract, the funds will be available within the legal term.

In terms of response time, MAAF gave an immediate principle response for a car loan. A definitive answer is given 48 hours after studying your file.


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