How to choose your electric mixer and be faster in the kitchen?

The electric mixer, also known as a mixer, is an indispensable kitchen utensil for all pastry chefs and lovers of table delights. With him, you made fondant creams, crunchy biscuits to order and meringues to drop. But how not to crash when choosing the mixer that will help you simmer good little dishes? Take a look at our guide to navigating the world of mixers and beats to perfection.

Whisk your snow whites in your nose, make a lump-free pancake batter, serve a nice whipped cream, use a electric beater facilitates the realization of numerous culinary preparations. It is much faster than a hand whip and leaves the pasta airy, smooth and creamy. Very versatile, the mixer is often supplied with various accessories, such as wire whips or kneading hooks. His big asset? Being more maneuverable than a multifunction robot and most importantly more compact. Le bateur électrique is easily found in kitchen drawers. Some models even fit the luxury of being wireless for even more freedom and creativity.

Not all mixers are worth it and price differences are sometimes significant. Browse our guide to find the drummer that fits your needs and budget in minutes.

Our selection of drummers that will allow you to make your favorite recipes at a glance

→ Most design: SMEG HMF01CREU mixer

→ The easiest: Russell Hobbs mixer

→ Most nomadic: KitchenAid cordless mixer

→ The most affordable: Bosch MFQ3010 mixer

→ The most comfortable: Braun HM5107WH mixer

The most design: SMEG mixer HMF01CREU

The Smeg HMF01 mixer is an elegant main electric battery, with a design that goes back to the 50’s. It allows you to kitchen with a very versatile style. It is used to knead, beat and whip all types of pasta, from the most liquid to the thickest. It has 9 speed settings and a turbo function. An LED display allows you to display the selected speed and view the usage time. The box contains two wire whips, perfect for airy textures like whipped cream and egg whites, two flat optimum whips for cookie dough or cakes, and two kneading hooks for pizza or bread dough. All spare parts go in the dishwasher and the beater is equipped with non-slip feet. Basically to avoid catastrophes in the kitchen.

The most

+ Inimitable design

+ Quality materials

The least

– High price

– No fixed mixing bowl

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The easiest: Russell Hobbs mixer

Russell Hobbs mixer mixer

The Russel Hobbs mixing mixer is a robust mixer designed for easy mixing of ingredients and making pastas, leftovers and homogeneous. It has 5 adjustable speeds and a Turbo function. Preparing delicious pastry recipes without leaving a lot of lumps has never been easier (thanks to the spiral concept of the propellers and the 350 W of power). The box contains a wire whip, a pair of pasta hooks, and a pair of propeller beats. It comes with a flashing storage case that is very handy for storing accessories.

The most

+ The accessories go in the dishwasher

+ Great power

The least

– Pretty heavy drummer

– Noisy

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The most nomadic: KitchenAid cordless mixer

KitchenAid cordless mixer

The KitchenAid cordless mixer efficiently mixes all kinds of pasta. It is equipped with a very convenient soft start to avoid splashing at start-up when the dough is still very liquid. Select from the 7 adjustable speeds that correspond to your needs. A slow speed is ideal for mixing with pieces, the average speed is suitable for smoothing butter or sugar and the high speed is perfect for snow whites. Thanks to the absence of wire, this hand mixer is lighter, more maneuverable and can be used anywhere. A small flashing light indicates the status of the battery and a single charge allows you to make 200 cookies. A fast charge feature is available to never be charged.

The most

+ Wireless beater that is used everywhere

+ Compact format

The least

– High price

– No mixing bowl included

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Most affordable: Bosch MFQ3010 mixer

Bosch MFQ3010 mixer

The Bosch MFQ3010 mixer is an easy-to-use mixer that is perfect for amateur cooks, which can be used on occasion. Simple and effective, it mixes, beats and kneads all kinds of pasta. Its light weight allows easy handling. It is also equipped with a non-slip handle. This hand mixer is equipped with two speeds and a turbo mode. A power of 300 W, minimum required for pastry projects.

The most

+ Mini price

+ Dishwasher compatible accessories

The least

– Only 2 accessories

– Basic power

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The most comfortable: Braun HM5107WH

Braun HM5107WH mixer

Braun HM5107WH electric battery kneaded and mixed all sorts of pasta with promises 40% less effort to furnish your part. The power of 750 is quite important and makes the use of the main battery very pleasant. This mixer is waterproof and easy to clean. Le Braun HM5107WH embarks 9 speeds that can be chosen by simple rotation of the selector. The extra long power cord is very convenient and frees your movements. The mixer comes with whips, kneading hooks, a mixer foot and a mixing glass doser. Top du top to be very versatile.

The most

+ Many accessories

+ Easy ejection system of accessories by simple pressure

The least

– Noisy at full power

– All plastic

I am buying the Braun HM5107WH mixer for Coolblue

Why use an electric mixer?

Mousse au chocolate, tarte au citron meringuée, pâte à cookies, mayonnaise maison, all these tasty dishes are made in a few minutes thanks to the electric beater. If you’ve ever tried to whip up snow whites with a manual ball whip, you know how tedious (even ungrateful) the task is. It is chronophagous and tendinitis is often curled. Fortunately, the electric mixer is there to make life easier. It kneads, emulsifies, and mixes all kinds of pasta, whether liquid or with pieces. With him, it’s simple, everything is more beautiful and easier.

Les deux fouets, tournent, tournent et make mousses, sauces and pate in minutes. This purchase is sometimes a small investment, but is quickly profitable. You save precious time in the kitchen and in the realization of all your sweet and savory delicacies.

How to choose your electric beater?

For many years, hand batteries have been replaced with electric batteries. They save a lot of time in the kitchen and are absolutely a must for anyone who enjoys baking. To choose your best electric beater and not make a purchase that you risk regretting, certain criteria must be taken into account.

The power

The power of the electric battery depends on the facilitation of the mixer of large amounts of pate. This is a significant point of attention. If you want to pastry and use it regularly, preface a powerful and high-performance engine are at risk of engine fatigue. Dream between 300W and 500W to be outdoors.

The weight

To be easy to handle, the drummer should not be too heavy. Mais s’il est trop léger, you risk a lot of feeling the vibrations and the use will not be comfortable. So it’s all a matter of middle ground here. Ideal battery for a weight between 800 gr and 1.5 kg.

The speeds

The higher your gear speed, the easier it will be to adjust to your preparation. Juguler les vitesses also helps to avoid splashes when you start mixing pate or sauce. So it is very convenient to avoid reupholstering your kitchen and wasting time saving in long minutes of cleaning.


On an electric mixer, accessories are a sign of versatility. So if the need arises, do not skimp on the flat beater, kneading hooks, mixer foot, mixer … You will be more comfortable to make a wide variety of recipes without having to multiply the devices.

Is it worth investing in an electric beater?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. The mixer tap really makes life easy in the kitchen, as it saves valuable time. The first ones start at around € 25, so it is possible to equip yourself for cheap. Less bulky than a robot, the drummer can easily be stored in a cupboard or drawer. The vast majority of its accessories go in the dishwasher, so cleaning is quick. This kitchen utensil will prove to be a valuable ally in the preparation of many culinary delights. To try it is simply to adopt it. You see, you can’t do without it anymore!


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