How to decrypt a cat’s behavior and meow?

Cats are one of the most affectionate and independent pets. Often cats can meow without their masters including the need behind this cry which can actually have multiple meanings. Experts understand the last one that takes many forms and can indicate several messages.

The meowing can be distinguished by various intensities but above all a wide variety of needs expressed by the cat by this cry. Find out what the latter means to you through this sound.

What message do cats send when they meow?

meowing cat

A Meowing Cat – Source: spm

Cat lovers know that when they meow, you chase in the house or you rub your feet, they want to send a special message.

According to experts, the body language of chats is easy to decipher. Cats communicate with certain gestures, positions and looks with their masters.

All you have to do is pay attention to the signs that your pet is sending you and interpret them to see that message you want to communicate.

There are various chat identifier features. And for good reason, it is through this cry that he can communicate all these feelings and moods and are usually all emitted at low intensity.

When angry, the feline hisses like a snake.

Among the many meows that can be found are also moaning, growling and breathing.

When communicating with other cats, they often make loud sounds, as opposed to shouting to express their needs and emotions to their masters.

Your cat is lying on its back and its belly is up

Chat support

A cat sits on its back – Source: spm

When the cat climbs on the couch or bed and sits on its back, belly up, it expresses that it has total confidence in you.

He strokes your head or face

cat caresses head

A cat stroking your head – Source: spm

If your cat makes this gesture, it means that he loves you very much. These pets caress their masters on top of their heads to make them feel like they are part of their family.

Your chat is over

When you notice that your chat meows a lot, that means you want to send a message. He may need food, paths, or to get out of the house.

I follow you all over the house

If you have noticed that your cats are following you in the house or even outside, on the street, it is a sign that they love you and enjoy being in your company.

Le chat is on tournoyer

If your chat tournoie when he is next to you, it means that he is happy and appreciates your company.

He massages you

This has probably happened to you several times. When cats massage you, they try to give you all the affection you give them.

Chat bruits to express your emotions:

  • Anger is expressed by moans.
  • Sounds like grunts of suffering are manifested by high-pitched meows that indicate fear.
  • Frustration is expressed through a gnashing of teeth.
  • Love and well-being are communicated by purring.

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