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After a short but intense and devastating hail episode, the Gironde wakes up with difficulty from the damage. Insurers guide us to make the right arrangements. They are overwhelmed.

In the morning, Patrick Allemandou, an insurer at Bouscat, near Bordeaux, and his three collaborators, received more than 500 strokes of the wires of people affected by the hail episode. « Most of the calls and damage concerning the Taillan-Médoc, but the communes of St Médard and Eysines are also affected, as well as the Libournais ».

The first advice during or just after the episode is to call the assistance indicated on the contract in case of extreme damage, because this can secure the damage and avoid aggravations to be reimbursed correctly.

Take photos or videos to illustrate the damage in a comprehensive way.

Par la suite, it is recommended to act in « good father ». This notion is of course to be appreciated in the circumstances and demands to secure the damages to avoid that those do not worsen. Subsequent damage due to lack of responsiveness and damage assessment will not be covered or not well covered.

Patrick Allemandou, we defined the notion of “acting as a good father” as the need to perform the first emergency actions under common sense. “If the hail has broken tiles or the veranda, it’s a matter of covering so that water doesn’t get inside.”. And all suites are accurate:

Most importantly, don’t intervene yourself, don’t climb on the roof to change or move tiles like I saw today.

Patrick Allemandou, insurer at Bouscat

You have to leave it to the professionals.

“If you repair some or all of the damage yourself, keep your material purchase invoices: they will be taken to your insurer’s account.”nous indicates France Assureurs.

It is recommended that you contact the emergency platform or make sure we get the clichés delivered. The deadline for declaring damage in the event of hail is 5 working days from the time it was brought to our attention.

As for the damage caused to the housing:

Home insurance contracts contain a hail guarantee that covers all damage caused by hail (damaged roof, furniture damaged by rain or hail due to roof damage …)

France Insurers

France 3 Aquitaine

The federation of insurers specifically addresses the farmers hail victims: “You must notify your insurer, preferably by registered letter, no later than 4 days.”

It is recommended that they do not touch the crop until the expert arrives, unless “The harvest is ripe and needs to be picked or harvested urgently”. France Assureurs specifies in this case “Remember to leave control areas in place.”

For damage to the machinery and more specifically the windshield and rear windows, you must call for assistance to be directed to an authorized garage. If it is the bodywork, you have to bring your car to a bodybuilder to do a debossing. They will be covered for the entire contract with a guarantee of damage to all accidents, plus or minus the deductible depending on the initial clauses. Some insurance companies claim to adhere to the climate event guarantee.

The Bouscata insurer, with whom we take advice, estimates that for what is affected cars, They may be named after several thousand.

As for the companies and a possible interruption of activity, they must therefore benefit from a “loss of operating” guarantee. The latter is more often included in a multi-risk insurance contract, but may be the subject of a separate contract.

L’état de catastrophe naturelle is an exceptional measure that must be requested from the prefecture by the mayors of the most affected municipalities. This has not yet been decided as far as the Gironde is concerned.

If the Public Service website specifies what:

Hail damage and violent ventilation are excluded from the “natural disasters” guarantee. They are covered by the “storm, snow and hail” guarantee of property damage insurance contracts.

“This allows everyone to be compensated even the uninsured”Patrick Allemandou explains.

So “Well-insured people end up with a higher deductible but uninsured people are compensated” also paying this deductible.

This deductible amounts to 380 euros for housing, motor vehicles and other goods for private use.

Otherwise, it corresponds to 10% of the amount of damages (with a minimum of 1140 euros) for goods for professional use.

And last tip: arm yourself with patience.

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