How to get rid of gnats with white vinegar? Focus on natural and easy-to-use tips

SOS: Our green plants are being invaded by mosquitoes! Generally, these pests are attracted to sweet odors and humid places, such as the bathroom and kitchen. They can be found around indoor plants. To trap them in a natural and definitive way, a single simple solution is required! So here’s how to get rid of gnats with white vinegar right away!

Whether they are potting soil or fruit, mosquitoes love moisture, heat, odors, and food. So the kitchen is a real piece of paradise for them, especially if it is decorated with green plants. To prevent these insects from invading your home, avoid leaving moldy or overripe fruit baskets in the open air in the kitchen. Also remember to periodically empty your trash cans and remember to take care of your houseplants.

white vinegar to remove mosquitoes in indoor green plants

Sciarids, also known as potato gnats, tend to lay their eggs in the fertilizer or substrate of your vegetables. L’humidité et la chaleur du terreau is an ideal place for these insects. But don’t panic, there is a natural and very effective trick to keep them away permanently… and it can be found in one of the kitchen drawers. Here’s how to put one together for use with your home.

What vinegar to get rid of gnats in the kitchen or garden?

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As already mentioned, flies are dressed in sweet or fruity scents. They especially like the smell of cider vinegar and white vinegar. So you can use it to make a homemade insect trap (see below). In fact, balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar are also very effective against soil and fruit flies. Pour an optimal effect, you can combine the vinegars with a few drops of vasselle maison liquid and use the mixture obtained to attack the plants or to eliminate the unpleasant products in the gourmet piece.

get rid of balsamic vinegar gnats

To rid your plants of mosquitoes or keep them away from the kitchen, why not make a homemade insect trap? To do this, you need:

  • 1 glass jar with a lid
  • 1 screwdriver
  • a few tablespoons of white vinegar soup


Get a glass jar with a lid and drill a few holes with a screwdriver or cutter. Then pour a little cider vinegar into the bottom of the container and wait. This trap will attract pests before they are trapped and drowned. To maximize its effect, you can add and add lemon or a little dishwashing liquid.

how to get rid of white vinegar insect traps mosquito nets

All you have to do is change the jar when the trap stops working. Then exchange the glass jar for a half-cut plastic bottle.

Other natural tips to get rid of mosquitoes in the house

how to get rid of food flies with lemon

In addition to white vinegar, there are other natural solutions to get rid of mosquitoes in the home and garden. Among the most popular are red wine, lemon juice, beer and small pieces of meat. Also, you can get a few cloves in a lemon coupé in deux and use DIY potpourri to remove flies from your plants.

Black soap

get rid of flies in the kitchen

How to get rid of fruit flies in the kitchen, but also throughout the house? One solution? The housekeeping! There is nothing better than black soap to do this! It can be combined with vinegar to thoroughly clean the gourmet room or your bathroom. If we appreciate the smell of black soap, it is clear that insects much less insects. Take advantage of it to make a stone two strokes!

Lavender or peppermint essential oil

get rid of soil mosquitoes

Peppermint is an extremely effective fly repellent. Similarly, geranium essential oil gives off a scent that mosquitoes hate. Use the spray for example by mixing a dozen drops in 100 ml of water. You can also mix 10 drops of lavender essential oil with half a liter of water and a quarter liter of vinegar. Pour into a spray bottle and spray your plants. Another option to remove soil mosquitoes using HE? Place a cotton ball soaked in lemongrass oil in your pots.

An infusion of eucalyptus

natural tips to get rid of soil mosquitoes

To get rid of potter flies in your green plants, prepare an infusion of eucalyptus. An effective insecticide and 100% natural care will save both your indoor greens and your small vegetable garden. Pour fabric maison spray, boil 150 grams of eucalyptus in 5 liters of water. Allow to cool, filter and pour the infusion into a sprayer. All you have to do is spray the affected plants. In addition to keeping mosquitoes away, eucalyptus scent will sanitize the ambient air. Be careful, though: you have to do a test on a small part before treating the whole crop.

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