How to make vegan snacks?

The basics of vegan aperitifs

If you’re trying vegan cooking, here are some ingredients that will save you the hassle, as an aperitif.


Lentils, chickpeas, peanuts and beans … All the fonts of the large family of legumes, which are often considered the best friends of vegetarians and vegans. Excellent sources of fiber and protein, they offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of recipes. Spreads, legume pancakes, falafels, nothing resists them. Not to mention that the juice contained in the jars, aquafaba, allows you to do without eggs. As an aperitif, it is used to make vegetable mousses or vegan mayonnaise, to soak fries and vegetables.

Tofu and its derivatives

Cooking tofu well is an art. However, you are assured that once mastered, the latter is used in many recipes. For snacks, for example, skewers are made from sea tofu or tempeh (another soy-derived product), while silky tofu is useful to replace the traditional quiche apparatus. There is also le seitan, often used in vegetal cuisine. On the other hand, because it is made from wheat gluten, it is not suitable for intolerant people.

The similes

You know the faux leather, this fabric that reproduces the look of leather? In the kitchen, there are also imitations: les similis carnés et similis fromages (ou analogous cheeses). They have a very close appearance, texture and taste to meat and cheese, but are made without animal products. If a few years ago they were only sold in specialty grocery stores, today you can find charcuterie and vegetable cheeses in most supermarkets. À l’apéro, these products are very practical for preparing vegan pizza or skewers. Only downsides, their high prices, and often long ingredient lists. To alleviate these problems, for example, you can make vegetarian sausages yourself, or face your own legume steaks. In this case, it is better to cook in large quantities, and freeze the excess. This will save you time next time you get to dinner.

How to make gourmet vegan snacks?

Regarding the vegan diet, the clichés have a hard life! Thus, many imagine that an aperitif without meat or cheese, is composed only of a sad platter of raw vegetables. Luckily, this is not the case, because if a vegan appetizer does include vegetables, it also pays homage to gourmet recipes like veggie burgers and vegan quiches. Also, traditional rillettes and terrines are revisited with lentils or nuts. There are even some recipes for vegan foie gras or “fake fat” made from cashew nuts. Bluffing, isn’t it?
Finally, don’t forget the chips and aperitif biscuits, which are absolutely essential for an aperitif worthy of the name.

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Our recipe ideas for a vegan aperitif

Vegan puff pastry, hummus, spring rolls … Let yourself be seduced by 16 vegan snack recipes. Promised, you will be conquered.

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