How to redecorate your kitchen without work and at a low price?

We all want it a kitchen who looks like us and reflects our personality. There are more and more solutions for personalizing Ikea kitchen and it offers a stylish look. When it comes to recycling our existing kitchen cabinets, we opt for doors, handles and other accessories specially designed to fit the Swedish giant’s models. Several brands such as Superfront, Reform, Plum, Prettypegs, Plykea, Blocklip … proposed facades, legs and handles that blend perfectly with standard caissons, which can be found at my specialist in the kit. Must? They reveal a trendy color palette, materials in the air of time, but also bolder shades for everyone to find their happiness.

On the left: the new Superfront wood collection with vertical design facades in Umber Wood colors, as well as ‘Bar’ poignées, Umber Wood colors. Right: at the gates of Paris, a kitchen open to the salon dont les caissons ‘Metod’ (Ikea) has been transformed with ‘U-Shape’ facades into the natural walnut finish of chez Plum. A choice that goes well with the green marble worktop. © Plum and Superfront

Although sober colors like white and black remain the most popular, one can venture to more original colors like forest green, pink or light blue. For more classic cravings, different wood species, structured or not, are also available. And why not combine wood with neutral or pastel-colored doors? At Plum, for example, it is possible to combine ultra-trendy cane doors with the color of our choice. They even came up with an ark-shaped cane design for even more character.

Among the premier proposals for customizing Ikea kitchens and sauces, Superfront specializes in the most beautiful graphic finishes. The Swedish brand just launched at the Wood Collection is based on their sustainable and responsible philosophy. Drawer doors and facades, sides, trays and plinths in veneered ash wood as well as a new ‘Bar’ care handle extends over the length or width of the doors. True ode au material chaleureux qu’est le bois, is available in two different models – united and vertical – and six shades of bois.

Sustainable aesthetics for the kitchen “Profile” designed by Norm Architects pour Reform. Here the facades are dark oak. Several kitchens also exist in the natural interior or in a monochrome palette. © Reform

Autre marque renommée, Reform creates unique kitchens in collaboration with great designers and also allows our kitchen makeover Ikea. And for pretty handfuls of character, Prettypegs offers a wide range of models, colors and materials, from minimalist to boldest. Responsible alternatives to transform our kitchen without the need for major work.

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