“I love Algerian cuisine”: when Algerian cuisine is exported overseas

Le boom des réseaux sociaux in Algeria saw the birth of several YouTube channels and Instagram accounts for the success of field payments. Algerian culinary art is gradually beginning to make itself known throughout the world.

In fact, many foreigners are interested in Algerian cuisine and are seduced by the private savior of their specialty. The latest example to date is American culinary videographer Jamie Tracey …

“I like Algerian cuisine! »

Although not a professional chef, Jamie Tracey is a true cooking enthusiast. On his YouTube channel (ANTI-CHEF) and his Instagram account (antichefjamie), he will explore the world culinary heritage. And of all the cuisines in the world, one in particular holds the attention of the American youtuber, Algerian cuisine.

Having developed a passion for traditional Algerian dishes, Jamie devotes a special place to them in the content he offers to his subscribers. In the introduction to one of his videos, we hear him say: “I love Algerian cuisine!” (I love Algerian cuisine!).

Jamie has so far tried his hand at three iconic dishes of Algerian culinary heritage, the traditional chorba frik, the poor man’s famous dish, karantika, and the must-have pancake, m’hadjeb. In the video where he tries the recipe for the latter specialty, we see the youtuber swallowing the mahjouba one behind the other, unable to stop!

Story to combine the useful with the pleasant, the three videos dedicated to Algerian specialties are all in the top 10 of the most popular videos of the channel by Jamie Tracey. The recipe for m’hadjeb totals more than 200,000 views and comes in 2e position; the one at karantika has reached almost 100,000 views and reaches 4e position; with more than 80,000 views, the video of the chorba frik occupies the 7the place in the top 10.

Happy with the craze for Algerian food, Jamie Tracey does not want to stop in such a good way. I promise to try new receptions in the following videos.

Algerian cuisine, number 1 in the Arab world

The success of Algerian culinary art is not limited to YouTube and social media. It is even beginning to be recognized by eminent international references. In fact, according to the ranking of the specialized site, TasteAtlas, la cuisine algérienne reaches 26e position often the best cuisines in the world.

To establish the Tasteatlas 2021 awards for the best cuisine in the world, the site has reviewed more than 100,000 ratings for all plates and food products tested. Algerian cuisine received a rating of 4.26 / 5. And the best traditional Algerian dishes are: rechta, chorba frik, and chakhchoukha.

Thus, with this 26e world leader, Algeria tops the Arab and Maghreb countries in the TasteAtlas rankings.

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