“I loved Lyonnais cuisine and Beaujolais!”

Comment did you arrive at the LOU?

“I was contacted by Murray Kidd, who played in LOU. The experience tempted me. I wanted to discover a different rugby and a different culture. I wanted to know if I could adjust to another life away from New Zealand. I stayed in Lyon for a year and a half. The second season, I returned with Richard Loe in my suitcases. The coaches wanted a good pillar. Richard became an important player for the All Blacks suite. »

“I ended up in the ambulance in Bourg!” »

How was your stay in Lyon?

“I loved Lyonnais cuisine and Beaujolais!” Life was beautiful in Lyon, even though the weather wasn’t always good. I remember being stuck in my apartment for three weeks because of the snow and then the cold. It was -20 ° C! We hadn’t trained for a month. »

The LOU was then playing in the second division. How did you find the level of French rugby at the time?

“It simply came to our notice then.

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