I want them to chat, track their GPS and drive straight to jail

Because of a necklace, the bracelets were passed to him. A 31-year-old man was tried on Tuesday in Toulouse court for burglary. The victims, a young couple from another region, were temporarily living in a caravan on the Cintegabelle side while waiting to choose the location of their final installation. After being absent last Saturday in the early afternoon, they were pleasantly surprised to find on their return that their two cars had disappeared; worse, their caravan had been fractured, burglarized and sprayed with dishwashing product to hide the traces.

But the thief would have done better to be less greedy. Non-content to have stolen, among other things, a game console, a headset, checkbooks and cash, he chose to take … the cat’s necklace, which had a geolocation system. The device of a direct channel for the gendarmes in the air to receive the geniuses from the Saverdun trip, in Ari├Ęge, a few kilometers away. The man, who lives there, was picked up in possession of all the stolen items except one of the two cars.

A dog could be the third victim

Thanks to another pet, a woman gave a confusing testimony to the investigation: after a car “almost crushed her little dog” in the area and at the time of the facts, she noted the driver’s license plate and indicated having seen him make suspicious “comings and goings.” The man’s description corresponded to the thief and this other vehicle, a gray Clio, will also be found in his home.

The burglar denied all robberies at the helm, claiming to be just a burglar. But despite the fervent pleading of his lawyer Eric Mouton, the judges found the man guilty. Already twice convicted of robbery and violence, he was released after serving one year in prison, including eight months in prison.

What to alleviate the distress of the two plaintiffs. But their situation remains precarious: following the destruction of the door of their caravan, they had to find a solution on their own to relocate. Their second car is still missing. “We don’t have any more homes,” the young woman said in tears during the hearing. Even if the cat allowed them to lighten the addition, it will take them a while to recover from this traumatic episode.

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