In Barcelona, ​​Sergi de Meià revisits Catalan cuisine

Last December, Sergi De Meià’s gourmet restaurant is set up in Barcelona to devoiler 100% local Catalan cuisine. With Pau Olivés on the stove, Sergi de Meià’s establishment embodies the 0 km Slow Food movement.

Photos: Sergi de Meià

Located at Carrer Laforja no. 83, à deux pas du Turo Park, the Sergi de Meià restaurant offers meals prepared with the simplicity of Catalan cuisine and the finesse of gastronomic cuisine. Having given the name to the restaurant, the Catalan chef paid particular attention to the quality of the products, their proximity and the way they are not grown. “Pour bien cuisiner, new workers with natural, seasonal, ecological, fair products and problems of small local producers”.

Founder of the slow food movement Km0, the chef personally knows all his collaborators, whom he even considers friends. A social dimension in the kitchen that carries in the soul, tot comme bras as Pau Olivés, chef de l’établissement kitchen.

The intimate restaurant has a space, an indoor terrace, but also a private lounge, which can accommodate 15 people for events. An opening of the kitchen in the dining room is a particular wish of the restaurateur, who want more transparency and closeness between cuisiniers and customers. An appreciable singularity for an establishment of this standing.

Restaurant Sergi de Meia On the menu: traditional Catalan dishes, such as the dessert combining the honey and matotypical Montserrat cheese with honey in the form of ice cream, and the musician dessert, country dessert consisting of roasted nuts. Traditions revisited without exuberance, which will delight your taste buds. Far from monochrome cuisine, the plates are simple but colorful. The dish Sea rice reminiscent of the Mediterranean sun and the desserts are adorned with beautiful edible flowers, worthy of a work of art by Gustav Klimt or Monet. All this for non-excessive prices.

photo: Sergi de Meià

Sergi de Meià, the child prodigy of Catalan cuisine

Sergi De Meià spent his childhood in a kitchen, that of his mother’s restaurant, before embarking on the profession at the age of 14. He became president of the Institute of Catalan Cuisine years later and perpetuated this unique culinary art. This commitment to a circular economy is also a reflection of his love for the Catalan country, avec “Use of products that define a territory and a culture” explains the enthusiast. Start in the profession, make sure you don’t work with local products, “Working with young chefs, who also had this sensitivity for organic cuisine and proximity”.

The restaurant can accommodate around 45 seats on the ground, so it is advisable to book in advance.

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