In Brittany, the flight of the puppy Sunny caused a stir, even with the support of Julien Doré

The Sunny dog ​​disappeared on Friday, April 29, 2022 in Plouarzel (Finistère). © DR

Julien Doré, passing through Brest for a concert at the Arena on Friday, May 6, 2022, was moved by the distress of a Brestoise, whose dog was allegedly stolen Friday, April 29 in Plouarzel, on the beach of Porsévigné (Finistère). The musician posted a message of support on Instagram: “Aidez à le retrouver”.

“I am extremely touched,” admits Nathalie. Since the disappearance of her dog Sunny, a four-month miniature shepherd, she has been mobilize on social media to find him. The latest video has reached almost 1.5 million views.

An appeal to Brigitte Bardot

Several personalities have relayed it to the film director and producer Dominique Farrugia, Delphine Wespiser, former Miss France, and the host Julien Coubert. “This size is beyond me,” admits Brestoise.

Upset may be combative. She is now calling for Brigitte Bardot to “collect testimonials from dog theft victims and get things moving.”

“No recklessness”

“It simply came to our notice then.” “I did not commit recklessness,” she said. This Friday, April 29, at around 12:30 pm, the young woman, a pet-sitter (pet keeper) on her own, returns from a walk on the beach. And drops his Sunny dog ​​in the back of the car. “He was tied to the passenger seat with the window wide open,” she said.

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Nathalie continues: “A couple arrived to ask for information while I was in the back of the vehicle, ready to drop off a client’s dog at the checkout.” L’homme would then have moved away for the phone and to the woman often asked questions on his services and showed him pictures of his missing dog on his phone.

They leave in a white van, I take care of putting the customer’s dog in the transport box and returning to the driver’s side, Sunny was gone, the strap of his seat sectioned.

The Finisterian tried in vain to find them. “I didn’t know which way to go,” the young woman breathed. She filed a complaint with the Saint-Renan gendarmerie. An investigation has been opened.

Hope to find him

Nathalie is experiencing “a real nightmare.” “I wonder how he’s doing,” she sighs. She is hoping to find it, scrutinizing online pet resale sites, just in case. Keep alerting yourself on social media: “I can’t find a solution to see them again. »

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