In Dieppe, awaken your taste buds to Malagasy cuisine

Returning from Montreal, where he worked for four years, Kevin Joa opened his small restaurant on rue des Bains in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime) on April 9, 2022. (© Les Informations dieppoises / M. DS.)

When you walk through the door of your small business, it is through the music of the islands and a wide smile that you are welcomed.

Welcome to castron malgasy Atsikanew restaurant on rue des Bains in Dieppe (Seine-Maritime), which promises a beautiful trip to the land of Malagasy aromas and scents.

Behind the counter is Dieppois Kevin Jao officiating. And in the kitchen, it’s his family. Because everything is homemade here. And the principle is simple: as with poker in Hawaii, the customer is invited to compose his own bowl with Malagasy flavors.

On the one hand there are vegetables like Plantin banana, on the other hand proteins like swordfish or beef, and of course traditional sauces to top it all off! Finally, there are homemade drinks: hibiscus, baobab, turmeric and ginger juices.

Back to Dieppe

After a four-year absence from Dieppe, Kevin Jao is hired in Montreal, where he worked to open Atsika.

Its small restaurant, mainly for takeaways, welcomed its first customers on April 9, 2022. And since then, word of mouth has been working. And especially, but not that, thanks to the Malagasy community “which I do not think so important in Dieppe” smiles the young trader.

Practice: Atsika malagasy bowl is open on rue des Bains from Tuesday to Thursday from 12 noon to 3 pm and from 6 pm to 10:30 pm, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12 noon to 3 pm and from 6 pm to 11:30 pm.

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