In full discussion with a delivery man, son dog husband through the window: in 1 second the drama is avoided (Video) – Videos

This woman had a particularly impressive reflex that prevented the worst from her beloved dog.

It was in Australia that a woman got scared of her life while she was signing a delivery note. Everything was going perfectly perfectly then when a noise caught his attention.

A dog falling from the top of a window

In a second, the woman screams and rushes to a place where she retrieves her dog who has just fallen out the window. A scene that happens extremely fast under the surprise gaze of the delivery man.

Once the dog is in her arms, the woman catches her breath and is very relieved to see that he is healthy and has not been injured. She then returns to the delivery man after putting her dog back on the ground, safe and sound.

Below, check out the video of this woman retrieving her dog falling from the sky. Egg close.

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