in Lyon, insurance recruits young people on a part-time basis

The Insurance sector in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is a committed and mobilized actor in favor of training and hiring young people!

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By the nature of the sessions, the insurance contributes to local economic dynamism. Through their various commitments, insurers participating in the improvement of the living environment in their territory.

The AuRA Insurance sector is also through the vitality of its activities an active employer in the territory that offers a very wide panel of trades and welcomes every year more than 500 alternates in a wide variety of trades.

The insurance is open to all bands, all profiles and all skills

All trades are in Assurance!

May 5, 2022: Assurance Vallée launches the Campaign “Jobs That Insure”

Valley Insurancele Cluster Assurance Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and the collective brand of employers “Jobs That Insure” launched this year is another campaign for the visibility of the insurance professions and publishes on the jobboard sound with numerous offers ofalternation for students, but also offers of CDI or des CDD for active youth.

Valley Insurance has been weaving since its inception strong ties with the high schools of the AuRA region on the one hand and is driven by its raison d’être and its mission to enhance the economic and societal role of the insurance sector in its territory in order to promote the attractiveness of the sector.

That’s why Valley Insurance is one interface between these two universes, she works to build bridges and synergy for facilitate connections and employment.

they worksheet allows to concentrate a maximum of offers of the members of the Cluster and to date, more than 100 job offers are online not 51 ro alternationreflecting the maintenance of the employment dynamics in general and, in particular, alternation for young people.

These offersfrom a dozen insurance companies and brokers in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, address students and / or young people with Bac + 2 à Bac + 5 level diplomas in many training courses.

This year, a CV-thèque accessible to members is a place for site enrichment that allows schools to submit profiles of research students.
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More than 30 testimonials of alternates and as many business portraits available online on this guarantee

The target : Students, young graduates, the general public – The economic world – Institutions, Consular Chambers (CCI), political executives, Prefectures,…) – Relays of opinion: media, influencers

The “des Jobs qui Assurent” campaign was launched on 5 May and will be broadcast on the Assurance Vallée website:, as well as on social networks
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