In Martigues, solidarity is cooked with small onions

With a chef’s jacket on her back, Marie works on the stoves to finish her new customers’ evening meals. « An Italian salad with grilled pasta and vegetables, parmesan tiles … Everything is homemade, the tomatoes are from the market I made this morning. It’s official, the social and solidarity kitchen has just opened in Martigues, more precisely at 10 rue des cordonniers sur l’Île. The prince? Each time the association sells four ordered plates, to come recuperer on the spot, a meal will be offered for people who do not have access to a quality kitchen.

As Marie herself has long been deprived of a job despite training in the kitchen, the new head of the structure may know better than the weight that a caddy of courses can take in a family’s budget. « The dishes we offer are the same as the ones we sell, based on unprocessed products, with zero waste. »

First run by the Rallumeur d’étoiles association café, several dozen volunteers set about this new solidarity project which took a whole year to materialize, the time to define the statutes and the right formula, to find of the premises, the financing (largely provided by the France Relance de l’État plan plus a fundraising campaign), collects the first donations from small shops in the city center, the Carrefour market … Next step for the association, recruitment of a commission and obtaining a so-called public utility approval so that the next donations of big names couldnt be tax-free. Pour more information about the kitchen and ordering the menus, directing the crowdfunding page on the site


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