In Mayenne. A pastry chef gives classes in your kitchen

Aymeric Villette. (© CDLM)

Aymeric Villette works comme the pizza for 3 and a half years at Arnaud Jeusselin’s bakery in La Baconnière. In parallel with the activity, for several weeks, he is also self-employed and often proposes home baking classes.

At the age of 29, Aymeric Villette wanted to share his passion and know-how in proposing recipes, but also in the reality of choosing the person who welcomes him.

Consistent workshops for making one or more recipes with the person or people, but also with the kitchen material. The goal is for people to be able to do it again after I pass.

Recipes at the request of customers

Specifically, the professional meeting of the person who wants to receive a pastry workshop. Together, they decide on the recipe, the ingredients to buy, the materials to use.

I always come with a little material as a balance, it allows several people to weigh at the same time.

As for the recipes, the most requested at the moment are macarons, cabbage, tartlets, but it is also made at the request of customers:

Group of girls for a girl’s life funeral or birthday, but it’s also a restaurateur who asked me for classes to renew her dessert menu. The workshop goes far beyond the recipe, it is a friendly moment of sharing, exchanges, transmission of tips, all in a good mood. The goal is not to make perfection but to offer pleasure with a good turnkey dessert that can be redone.

Individual or groups

The benefit is paid during the hour and according to the names of the people present.

“For example, for macarons, it takes 4 hours between production and tasting, with a rate of 15 to 20 € per hour for 1 person. More than 20 km around Ernée, they require an additional participation for the kilometer defragment. »

Practice: Aymeric Villette home baking classes. Goal. : 06 77 02 42 83. Mail: [email protected] Facebook page and Instagram account.

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