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A solution to scare game. In Mayenne, dog hair is used to repel wild boars and deer, which are responsible for damage in the fields. Hair is provided by a groomer to farmers to protect their crops. #IlsOntLaSolution

Why not recycle dog hair to help the farm? This is the idea of ​​a certain Elodie Royer, Mayenne department dog toilet. She has been donating dog hair to local farmers, individuals, and an environmental association, the Permanent Center for Environmental Initiatives (CPIE), for several months.

A bright idea to avoid waste but also, above all, to help field workers, often finding their crops ravaged by wild animals such as deer or wild boar. Every year in France, game is responsible for more than 80 million euros in damage. A situation that Elodie could not let go without finding a solution, which seems to bear fruit. “We said to ourselves, ‘Why not give it a try? And it works. It scares the animals, it helps the farmers, and it’s great.’exclaims the shopkeeper.

Poodle, German Shepherd, Bichon … Every week, more than 150 liters of hair from several species of dogs that the groomer collects and which are immediately given. In February, they were deposited to protect a 300-meter piece, just planted. The subterfuge seemed to function to protect crops or young shoots, as noted by Raphaël Vendé, mission officer of the CPIE Mayenne. “it works: in areas where dog hair has been planted, I have not seen any plants devoured or uprooted. To be seen and tested elsewhere, but it remains effective for the time being. “

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